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What kind of job I would do volunteer from this opportunity?

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4 answers

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John’s Answer

Ngoc-Ha when you make the decision to take on a career in the healthcare industry, the next step is to lay the educational foundation and gain the experience you will need to succeed. But the big question is how do you get that experience at the earliest points in your career? You need to be prepared to work for free and you also need to be creative. As you pursue your dream of a job in the field of healthcare administration, you need to find ways to get healthcare experience that can be valuable later on in your career. Some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world are non-profit organizations who are always looking for ways to groom the next generation of healthcare professionals. You can contact these organizations and ask them if they offer any way of gaining experience in the healthcare industry. Some may suggest that you visit a local office and talk to some of the professionals who work there, while others may point you towards their website and suggest that you look at their news section or other parts of the website. If you cannot get an internship, the contact your local healthcare organization and offer to work for free during the summer or any time you have off from classes. The more time that you spend gaining exposure to actual job activities within your profession, the better it looks on your resume. As was mentioned, you will have to put in a lot of time working for free when you are establishing your career. But the end result will be a series of valuable pieces of work experience that you can add to your resume.

Ngoc-Ha if your goal is to get into a healthcare administration or management position, then you should first try to gain a Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs diploma. There are stepping stones you can take which will help you to achieve your goals and build on your experience. Rather than trying to make the leap from the beginner level to a level of relatively significant experience, you should take the time to work your way up through the ranks first. The benefit to working your way up is that you will significantly improve your educational and experience foundation. You will also have a lot more to put on your resume and that can help you as you reach for your true healthcare career goals. There is a long list of free online healthcare courses and seminars available that will help you to gain a detailed understanding of what the healthcare industry is and what will be expected of you. The major universities offer many online free courses as well as the websites that specialize in online training.

Hope this was helpful Ngoc-Ha

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A Certified Nursing Assistants diploma is often provided by multiple institutions like technical schools, medical institutions, and community colleges. Completing a nursing assistant certificate program can take from 2-3 months. It is important to keep in mind that getting a nursing assistant certificate will make you eligible for entry-level jobs in the medical field. If you want to reach higher positions you may have to get a degree.

Thank you for your advice! Ngoc-Han N.

The real opportunity for success lies within the you and not in your career Ngoc-Ha. John Frick

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Emmy’s Answer

Hello Ngoc-Han,

In addition to what Kathleen is mentioning above, there are also volunteers at local VA hospitals and medical facilities. Similar to other hospitals volunteers may do things like transport patients via wheel chair or other administrative type tasks. It is a wonderful way to expand your horizons by volunteering but to also become familiar with various healthcare settings, and the ones in which you may be interested.

Best of luck,
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Kathleen’s Answer

Ngoc-Ha, often there are volunteer opportunities in Hospitals, Acute Care facilities and Nursing facilities where you won't have any patient care, but it will allow you access to medical personnel and the opportunity to see medical professional's in action. Since most facilities are still in protection mode due to COVID, now would be a good time to research what opportunities will be available near you in the future. The medical field has many opportunities, you just need to find the right one for you.
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Deborah D.’s Answer

Ngoc-Han N. I personally like the hands on experience. Volunteering is a great way to see the processes and procedures. You might discover something new, or find yourself on a new adventure. There are many different specialty hospitals that you may not have considered. Also hospitals love students , and I am sure they will love you too!
Best of luck!

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