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How do you apply for a job?>>>

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4 answers

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Jody’s Answer

There are many ways to apply for a job, however the most common way is to apply via the Job Ad (normally published on online job sites). This will require you to submit a number of details including:
- Personal details (name, location, age)
- Experience - your CV or Resume (details of your experience, places worked, job title & description & time in each role)
- Education (Details of your completed or current studies & achievements)
You may also be asked to submit answers to questions such as what you do to avoid stress, your interests and preferences.

Keep your descriptions short & succinct
Show your achievements
Highlight the experience relevant to the job you're applying for
Include a brief but friendly introduction letter/paragraph summing up why you think you'd be the best candidate for the role.

Jody recommends the following next steps:

Employers are keen to see a holistic picture of job applicants, as it is rarely experience-alone that wins a job interview. So be sure to paint a picture of the real you - use language that is appropriate but reflects your own tone of voice, demonstrate your achievements in a positive manner and what you liked or felt about them (e.g. In this role I successfully implemented a new wellness policy which was rolled out across both offices. I was proud that my efforts had such a profound impact on staff, and the trust my employer showed in me.)
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Deborah D.’s Answer

Hi Adrian G.!
I just wanted to a suggestion for you.
Make a list of all your activities that you are or have been involved in to date. Sometimes you don't realize how much experience you may already have in the area, or another. I f you have volunteered, try to get a recommendation for your contribution.
Also, you might want to consider creating a LinkedIn page. This is a great way to keep track of your experiences, and as you get jobs, you can easily update your bio.
Even with no current work experience, you can introduce yourself as a student looking for an opportunity, and/or mentoring , networking, etc.
A lot of companies are hiring virtually, so be ready to submit all your info on line, (This is where the LinkedIn profile will be very helpful) and maybe even submit an introduction video. Keep an up to date professional picture on your profile. Ask friends and family who are on LinkedIn to connect with you on the site, and give you a recommendation. Do research on line to find hiring sites.
Yes thing have changed, but you will be fine.
I am wishing you the best of luck!
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Ashley’s Answer

Hi Adrian, now that there are job postings on multiple websites (For example: Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc.), there are a few ways to apply to a job. Sometimes, if you go to the company/organization's website, you can apply online directly from their website, other times you may just be able to apply via LinkedIn or the other websites mentioned. While some places accept paper applications, it can be much easier and quicker to apply to jobs online to many places as opposed to via mail.

To apply, you will need to enter some information and your resume. In some cases, the actual applications may ask you to provide more detailed descriptions of previous experience you have and how it fits into the role,

Hope this helps, and good luck!
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Bob’s Answer

First, do some research. What industry are you interested in? Is it High Tech, Energy, Automotive, Medical, Restaurant, Agriculture, Accounting, et cetera? Then research via the internet, the library, friends as to which companies in your chosen industry are growing? Once you choose the companies you are interested in, go to the library or send a request to the company public relations so you can receive their annual report and 10K report. With these reports you will learn about the company you have an interest in.
Next, research via the internet who the Chairman, Founder, Owner is and how to contact them. Then make contact on line or via snail mail.
Remember that the Chairman, Founder or Owner are always seeking talent and may have a strategy in mind to move into new services or products that require folks of your abilities.
Then, move ahead with the suggestions that Ashley and Deborah have made.