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When finding a place to work and volunteer at what should I look for in a company?

I want to be a marine biologist and work with animals like sharks, whales, and dolphins. #volunteer #marine-biology #job

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3 answers

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Deborah D.’s Answer

Nice to meet you Casey!
The first thing I would say is to make sure you are going to be introduced to the areas of your specific interest.
You will need to decide what exactly what it is you want to do.
There is the research side, and then you may want to have more contact with the the animals.
You want to be around people or a team that share your passion, and eagerness to learn.
Do your homework, Call the location and ask for a tour. Some times the school will let you sit in on a class, or lecture.
Volunteering is the best time! You are relaxed and have not yet committed to a job, or rigorous school schedule.
Take advantage of your early decision making to explore, talk to people, and see if what you imagine is what it's really like to do do the work.
I am so excited for you as you begin the next phase of your personal and career development!
Wishing you the best of luck!

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Christina’s Answer

Hello Casey,

You may want to consider volunteering or completing an internship at a local zoo or aquarium. This experience can provide you with the opportunity to learn more. There are also several non-profit agencies that need volunteers, SeaWorld and the Marine Conservation Organization are a few of the most popular.

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Alessia’s Answer

Find an opportunity where you can learn skills that will be useful to pursue your passion. It doesn't necessarily need to be the perfect job to start with but any experience where you can learn transferable skills is useful and can become part of your journey.