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When finding a place to work and volunteer at what should I look for in a company?

I want to be a marine biologist and work with animals like sharks, whales, and dolphins. volunteer marine-biology job

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5 answers

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Deborah D.’s Answer

Nice to meet you Casey!
The first thing I would say is to make sure you are going to be introduced to the areas of your specific interest.
You will need to decide what exactly what it is you want to do.
There is the research side, and then you may want to have more contact with the the animals.
You want to be around people or a team that share your passion, and eagerness to learn.
Do your homework, Call the location and ask for a tour. Some times the school will let you sit in on a class, or lecture.
Volunteering is the best time! You are relaxed and have not yet committed to a job, or rigorous school schedule.
Take advantage of your early decision making to explore, talk to people, and see if what you imagine is what it's really like to do do the work.
I am so excited for you as you begin the next phase of your personal and career development!
Wishing you the best of luck!

Deborah D. recommends the following next steps:
Nice answer Deborah and great links and resources provided! And I totally agree with you on volunteering. You can make some really nice connections while volunteering and you never know how these connections may lead to a future job or career too. Have a great week. Melisa Cameron
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andrea’s Answer

Great question. There are definitely some good volunteer opportunities for you to study marine biology, the ocean, or lakes and rivers. Here are some local non profits to check out in the Massachusetts area. volunteering is a wonderful experience so go for it!

• The New England Aquarium has a couple of programs to try. There is Live Blue Ambassadors and ClimaTeens that you can look into for a volunteering opportunity.
• check out your local zoo for jobs
• go to MA dept of environmental protection or dept of marine fisheries websites to see what they have to offer
• MA Audubon
• nature conservancy
• local colleges like UMASS Boston or Boston University for volunteering and some summer courses you may to try
• marine rescue and rehabilitation which can be through NE Aquarium or other colleges like College of the Atlantic, Boston Univeristy
• Peru MA conservation commission
• National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service does have a volunteer program
• BEAT = Berkshire Environmental Action Team
• Marine wildlife internships you look at this website,

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Melisa’s Answer


What a great question and thank you for sharing about your interests.

Take time to research different jobs and careers that interest you and check out sites like Glass Door, Indeed or LinkedIn where you can look up these careers often by geographical area and see what individuals are saying about their jobs.

You may also be able to find volunteer opportunities by searching by these key words on some of the links below and this could lead to additional organizations or individuals to reach out. Do you have an aquarium near you? I have also seen opportunities where local aquariums look for volunteers to help and may even find free informational sessions and tours available.

Best wishes for success in your education, life and career goals.

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Check out the organization Ocean Conservancy and their Trash Free Seas initiative.
Check out and search for volunteer opportunities by key words.
Seek out a mentor or trusted individual who has a career that interests you so you can learn more about their job. Set up an “informational interview” or see if you can shadow someone on the job.
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Alessia’s Answer

Find an opportunity where you can learn skills that will be useful to pursue your passion. It doesn't necessarily need to be the perfect job to start with but any experience where you can learn transferable skills is useful and can become part of your journey.
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Christina’s Answer

Hello Casey,

You may want to consider volunteering or completing an internship at a local zoo or aquarium. This experience can provide you with the opportunity to learn more. There are also several non-profit agencies that need volunteers, SeaWorld and the Marine Conservation Organization are a few of the most popular.