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Amanda Feb 18, 2023 1389 views

How can I figure out my career goals when I am still unsure as to what career path I'm considering for my future?

I'm a rising High School senior and I want to prepare well this summer before I start my College Applications. However, I still feel as though I don't know myself very well in terms of a single passion to pursue in higher education. Even though I know that is probably normal, would it not make...

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Feb 22, 2023 695 views

what are tips after high school?

I'm currently a senior in high school

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Oct 13, 2022 1543 views

What are some things I should consider when looking for a college?

If I haven´t decided what I want to study what should I look for in a college before I apply?

Mattia Alessandro’s Avatar
Mattia Alessandro Feb 06, 2021 543 views

How high should be the level of a language to be valuable in a Resume?

I've been studing german for the past 3 years, I think I may be at a B1 level Do you think it would be a valuable skill to put in my Resume. #second-language #career

faapuloua’s Avatar
faapuloua Nov 17, 2021 526 views

how can you find a career fit for you?

i have many things i like to do or that im good at that all appeals to only one certain career, but i know one of them will make it impossible to do them all.

#indescisive #career

Deema’s Avatar
Deema Oct 25, 2016 1121 views

How to balance school and work?

I might start working soon and worried about how to balance both school and work at the same time. I am usually great with time management and finishing tasks in a timely manner or on time. For some weird reason, i am a bit worried. #time-management #part-time

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 06, 2021 476 views

What is a easy method to write but also achieve goals?

Determined to have a better life for my self and parents. #college-advice #time-management

Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia May 13, 2016 1142 views

How can I become more involved in volunteer work while balancing school work and a job?

Hi there, I want to become a volunteer at my local blood bank or hospital. I need experience for my medical school applications and I am very passionate about the work done in these professions. But, with school going on until late June and a full time summer job, adding another commitment...

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer May 24, 2021 702 views

What field of study is required for tech companies?

What field of study is required for corporate giants such as Intel, Microsoft, AMD, and Sony? #tech #field

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Jun 08, 2021 880 views

What careers are there within mathematics?

I like math but have always struggled to figure out where exactly to go with it #math

allen’s Avatar
allen Jun 10, 2021 794 views

Why are career goals important?

I'm 18 and trying to decide on a career goal. #career-choice #job #animation

Casey’s Avatar
Casey Jun 08, 2021 650 views

When finding a place to work and volunteer at what should I look for in a company?

I want to be a marine biologist and work with animals like sharks, whales, and dolphins. #volunteer #marine-biology #job