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Deema Oct 25, 2016 886 views

How to balance school and work?

I might start working soon and worried about how to balance both school and work at the same time. I am usually great with time management and finishing tasks in a timely manner or on time. For some weird reason, i am a bit worried. #time-management #part-time

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Deema Oct 25, 2016 1052 views

Which field in Business is the highest paying career?

I am still undecided what field in Business i should major in. Business is one of the biggest major or career out there with a bunch of choices. #business #finance #accounting #international-business #corporate-finance #financial-accounting #undecided

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Deema Oct 25, 2016 1145 views

Where is the best country to work in with a Business Degree after i graduate?

I am currently a Sophomore in college and i am not sure where to get a head start on my career right after i graduate. Sometimes newly graduates get offered a job overseas and they never know whether they should take the job or not. Most of the times when students take a job overseas; they...