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Kaanchana S.’s Avatar
Kaanchana S. 2 days ago 87 views

How do you find out what career/job you want to do?

I am currently a student in high school and I have absolutely no IDEA what I wanna do. student...


Wenge X.’s Avatar
Wenge X. Sep 03, 2016 990 views

I am thinking about either a career in Network Security or in Machine Learning?

I have few options modules to choose. Basically is Network(Network Theory, Network Security, Cryptography and Information Security) and something like AI (Pattern Recognition, Biologically Inspired Methods, Computational Models)? Please help me. I'm more interested in AI, but it seems it's a...

machine-learning network-security

Samira M.’s Avatar
Samira M. Oct 26 45 views

I want to become a high fashion, runway model, where do I start?

I want to become a runway model and apart from getting my digitalis, headshots etc. done how should I start? Is it worth it to find an agent? fashion...


Samira M.’s Avatar
Samira M. Oct 26 107 views

Law School : is it that hard as people say?

I want to become a lawyer as part as my career (alongside becoming a high fashion, runway model and an actress) as it will provide a stable income, it is a career in which I can be challenged at and I would like to help people by stating my case. However, what is really putting me off is the...

law cambridge career lawyer oxford

Samira M.’s Avatar
Samira M. Oct 26 73 views

Criminal Law or something else?

I am really interested in criminal law, however, is it possibly dangerous to get mixed with crime? What is the longest course for law school e.g. hypothetically family law takes 4 years whereas criminal law takes 5 etc. lawyer law criminal-justice...


Samira M.’s Avatar
Samira M. Oct 27 79 views

Is being a lawyer a 9-5 job? If so, how can I change that?

I heard that lawyers take on a 9-5 job whereas some don't. How, if law is a 9-5 job, can I make it more flexible? Is self-employment an option? lawyer criminal-justice attorney...


Fuhad I.’s Avatar
Fuhad I. Feb 14, 2020 477 views
SH S.’s Avatar
SH S. Oct 09, 2018 357 views

How old can you be to start?

music I'd love to be...

meerab N.’s Avatar
meerab N. Jul 14 73 views

what to do if your GCSE result isn't good

i just set my GCSE examinations. But i think that the result might not be good. Because I just came in year 10. And I didn't even go to school for about 6-9months last year because of covid. I really wanna do a-level biology and chemistry...


Daniela L.’s Avatar
Daniela L. Mar 25 293 views

Are there any virtual volunteering opportunities for teens?

I am looking to do my DofE silver award and I would like to find a virtual volunteering opportunity. Preferably I would work by helping-others, possibly...

Claudia D.’s Avatar
Claudia D. Apr 22, 2020 288 views

What career options are out there for me?

I am currently studying a degree in economics, and it seems the only options for placement years, internships, or graduate jobs are accounting or investment banking. I find my strengths do not lie with accounting and I am good at macroeconomics, specifically development economics and i am quite...

logical internship business development economics

Ayesha I.’s Avatar
Ayesha I. Jul 23, 2020 356 views

How do you find apprenticeships in finance, business or banking?

I’m struggling to find an apprenticeship for the upcoming academic year and was hoping to seek some help in finding something. apprenticeships help finance banking...


noah J.’s Avatar
noah J. Feb 26 107 views

what job is good for me

i don't like music i like sports i can't do contact sports i am ok with work...


Wenge X.’s Avatar
Wenge X. Aug 08, 2016 862 views
Elsa F.’s Avatar
Elsa F. Oct 12, 2016 755 views

Better study economics or finance? Which one has more job options?

I have to choose between economics and finance, but it comes really hard to me. According to me finance is more practical and simple, and economics is harder, more theorical. What matters is the job. I mostly like economics, but I don't know if it has a lot of job options for that. Can an...

global-economics financial-analysis economic-research banking finance economics

Rob B.’s Avatar
Rob B. Jul 02 151 views

As a student of Politics, I want to pursue a career in helping others. How do I go about getting into the industry?

I'm a student studying Politics and I want to pursue a career where I can help others. Ideally, I would like a role where I research and use the information to influence policy. The only problem is I have no real-world experience. Are there any good ways to get experience? I am looking at...

politics government research volunteer policy

Wenge X.’s Avatar
Wenge X. Jul 26, 2016 677 views

Am I qualified in game industry?

I just finished 2.1 in subject Computer Science (Game Tech) at NTU , but I always confuses that am I really qualified in game industry. Can I handle well with the jobs? Projects? Well three years in studying game tech is good for me, I gain lots knowledge, but their current workers must have...

video-games game worker game-development

Georgie K.’s Avatar
Georgie K. May 03, 2014 2100 views

Should I apply to MBB etc consulting firms in my final year or have a year out after I graduate and have more time to prepare for interviews better?

I am a UK business student wanting to apply to MBB and other similar firms but I realise that to pass interviews at these firms you have to do extensive prep work (50 live practices, 2 months full time, amazing maths skills, PST practice etc). I am worried I won't be able to do a decent job of...

graduate-recruitment consulting

Holly A.’s Avatar
Holly A. May 20, 2020 755 views

How did you decide on your university and chosen course(s)?

I’m currently in year 12 (11th grade) and I’m unsure about what degree to pursue at university, which university and which country (US or UK). university uni course study degree...


Wenge X.’s Avatar
Wenge X. Jul 31, 2016 818 views

Should people attend volunteer activities which are not relevant to their subject?

I used to consider to volunteer to educate people who live in a poor village in Western China. But this may not relevant with my future career. education volunteering...


Kezia K.’s Avatar
Kezia K. May 05, 2016 817 views

Computer Science- how much maths is needed, and what kind of maths?

I am looking forward to doing Computer Science A-level next year and am really nervous about just how much maths is needed, I am also taking Maths A-level and am fairly adequate in the subject I just would like to know what to expect. computer-science coding...


Chan N.’s Avatar
Chan N. Feb 09 188 views

Courses to consider after undergraduate degree

I have a degree in Business Information Systems BSc, have a certificate in ILM Team Leading but would like to update my CV by completing some courses. nhs courses shortcourses london uk...


Ameer N.’s Avatar
Ameer N. Mar 27 122 views

Do I need any qualification's to enter a college IT course in the Uk

My name is Ameer. I'm 16 years old and I have been in the Uk for 5 months. Right now I go to an English Level 1 Course at a college. But the college said to me that I need to apply to other courses to continue my Journey. I have applied for a BTEC Level 1 Introductory Diploma in Information...


Wenge X.’s Avatar
Wenge X. Aug 13, 2016 649 views

Should uni student start a nigh shift full-time job or normal part time job?

I'm a full time student, but wanna try some related jobs to gain experience. I can only find full-time at this moment. I'm not available on the day time, so I'm thinking about the nigh shift full-time jobs, is this ok? Any suggestion for me, to take night shift full time jobs or part time?...

student-development college-jobs part-time

Wenge X.’s Avatar
Wenge X. Aug 03, 2016 918 views

How many job applications shall we submit?

Specifically for a foreign student who want to get a job. The more the better? Or just the one which most suitable for me? job-search...


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