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Joshua Mar 18 389 views

What to do career wise after bad uni grades?

I'm a 3rd year CS student and my overall grades for university are disappointing to say the least, and I'm not sure what I should do to progress after I'm done on my course. I don't feel like that grade will be enough to get a good grad job and I'm wondering what can be done to get the foot...

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Joshua Mar 18 276 views

How to get practice for exams with little methods of exam practice??

How can I improve in exams? I find them really hard to revise for since we are only given lecture content and past papers (with no answers) to revise from. In previous stages of education I found it much easier to revise by repetition of practice questions.

bob’s Avatar
bob Mar 05 313 views

What would be great path for securtiy?

Specific regarding securityd

tori’s Avatar
tori Mar 04 468 views

how can I make money from home?

is there a way to read books for a living and make money from it at any age anywhere???

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Mar 01 550 views

Can you become a paramedic from being a doctor What’s the process from going from doctor —-> paramedic. Is it better to do the other way round??

Interested in medicine

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Uduakobong Feb 27 196 views

How do I get internships and build my career I am a university student studying It and Buisness but I feel like the job market is so saturated, it’s hard to get good jobs.?

How do I get internships and build my career ? I am a university student studying It and Buisness but I feel like the job market is so saturated, it’s hard to get good jobs.

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Samira Feb 26 563 views

How to open a successful business related to space exploration?

I am interested in the business aspect more now than the science aspects as my personality type is more suited to leading others and not being confined in a laboratory setting. Because of this, how can I open a successful business related to space (like space X)?

Samra’s Avatar
Samra Oct 23, 2023 326 views

How would you suggest I approach finding a job in an Economic Consultancy I have a BSc in Economics from the University of York (UK) but I’ve been a practising artist/writer for the last 5 years.

I did work experience at Frontier Economics, but that was a while ago. Help! ?

EmaaEmaa$amuel123’s Avatar
EmaaEmaa$amuel123 Aug 30, 2023 431 views

How I Prepare For Admission Interview In Oxford University?

My journey started when I got good grades in the college business subject, now I am pursuing my education for an MBA and I am really excited because I had enough marks to be eligible for Oxford University. First I wrote my admission essay on my own and proofread it by my college teacher They...

EmaaEmaa$amuel123’s Avatar
EmaaEmaa$amuel123 Aug 30, 2023 344 views

Why I join Career Village?

It is because I love to share my knowledge with everyone and it is a good social medium for it. Also there are many professional that also guide me about how I achieve my future goals

Elma’s Avatar
Elma Apr 08, 2023 1236 views

Can I take personal statement writing help for university admission?

Hey everyone, I just finished school, and I am about to apply to university, but I need to write a personal statement that can showcase me in the best way possible. As I lack at showcasing my skills and talents, I was thinking if I can take help from personal statement writing services online...

Samira’s Avatar
Samira Feb 17, 2023 520 views

Astrophysics or medicine?

Hey, I am currently debating between doing astrophysics as a career or medicine. Both equally fascinate me. What responsibilities would an astrophysicist have and how flexible are both careers? #CV23

Eloise’s Avatar
Eloise Jan 15, 2023 577 views

Is it worth it to take Triple Science for law?

I am deciding whether to take Triple Science as a GCSE, because while I am capable, it seems like a lot of workload. Any tips would be helpful!

Eloise’s Avatar
Eloise Jan 12, 2023 550 views

What GCSE's should I take to be a criminal lawyer?

I am picking my options soon, but am not sure what to take. Any ideas are super helpful. Thanks

Vedant’s Avatar
Vedant Oct 25, 2022 673 views

How can we become an Astro Chemist?

How can we become an astro chemist ?

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