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Shallete’s Avatar
Shallete Sep 14, 2020 418 views

How do I start my career in writing and still excellent in the best way possible?

I am a fourth year undergraduate student, awaiting graduation in December 2020. I would like to be a part time academic writer. #student

janani’s Avatar
janani May 05, 2016 921 views

How do I become a cardiologist?

It's my dream career!

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #doctor #healthcare #health #hospital-and-health-care #cardiology

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Aug 27, 2020 470 views

What are great college classes you need to take to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner?

I am currently taking stats, psychology, and oral communication. #college. #student

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 19, 2020 478 views

To complete a masters in speech language pathology and audiology, what are the prerequisites?

#speech-therapy #speech

Keirra’s Avatar
Keirra Aug 03, 2020 775 views

Is going to college for early childhood education enough to start your Own day care?

#childhood-education #day-care #education #child-development

Karoline’s Avatar
Karoline Jul 22, 2020 586 views

what is it like going away for college?

#college #entertainment

Jinah’s Avatar
Jinah Jul 19, 2020 4583 views

Which minor would be most helpful for a job in the fashion industry?

I'm pursuing a major in Economics and want to enter the fashion industry some way in the future. Which major would you recommend?
#majors-and-minors #fashion #career #minor

Nga’s Avatar
Nga Jul 18, 2020 877 views

What are some ways I can become a volunteer dog walker?

#college-admissions #volunteer #july20 #dogs #exercise

Faheem’s Avatar
Faheem Jul 18, 2020 876 views

For fresh graduate with no money in his/her pocket is it better to initiate a small start up by borrowing money or should he/she start a job and start a side business?

I am an undergrad economics student. #jobs #first-job #money #job-market #savings #business #college-jobs #money-management #entreprenuership #job-market #startup #online #skincare #compensation #JULY20

Arjun’s Avatar
Arjun Jul 11, 2020 1353 views

What unique thing did you do to get accepted into your dream college??

#college #technology #quant #finance

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jul 03, 2020 1239 views

Is it possible to find an internship in biology and research without any prior experience

I'm a 3rd year in college and a Psychology major, but lately I have been wondering if I should switch. Biology, research, and medicine seem to interest me. Is there any possible way where I could find an internship in this field and get acquainted with it with no prior experience? #internship...

aydin’s Avatar
aydin Jul 05, 2020 546 views

possible jobs for a 16 year old without a car

i am 16 and my only prior job experience is part time construction.
what jobs would be possible for me? #job

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 17, 2020 625 views

How do I get a good score on the MCAT?

#college #medschool

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 25, 2016 1692 views

What is a profession you would go into with a degree in PR?

You have graduated with a PR degree but what sort of job do you end up with? #jobs #after-college #pr

Celestial’s Avatar
Celestial Jun 23, 2020 999 views

Can I get a good and safe job at 17?

I really don't know what to ask. I've been searching for a decent and anxiety unnerving job for about a week. I have major anxiety but I work well with people. I am 17 years old and I am about to graduate this year. I turn 18 in, literally, five months. I want a job and I want to save up money...