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possible jobs for a 16 year old without a car

i am 16 and my only prior job experience is part time construction.
what jobs would be possible for me? #job

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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Aydin!

The first question you want to address is what sort of transportation do you have? Most employers will ask if you have "reliable transportation." They want you to be able to get to work. And, it sounds good if you can volunteer your Plan B. Such as "I am going to take my bike, but, if it's raining my family is close friends with the retired couple next door, and they said they'd be able to give me a lift."

What did you learn from construction that can be used to apply for jobs in fast food? This is what we call "Transferable skills." Yes, you do have skills that relate to both! The answer is team work, and safety! You have to be able to get along with other people. You have to have a good attitude. If someone says "hey, get that hammer for me," you can't turn it into a discussion about "he didn't say please." (you'd be amazed how often that happens!) Safety: Construction is all about hardhats, tying off, proper certifications, OSHA regs, etc. . . Fast food you have concerns about fryers, wet floor signs (to protect the company from lawsuits if a customer falls!), cooking food to the right temperature (food poisoning), etc. Also preventing waste. Maybe you had to plan cuts on a 2x4 in a way so not too much went to the scrap pile. Same concept applies in fast food. Your job is always about making money or saving money for your employer. The purpose of business is to make money.

No, you don't have to do fast food. Perhaps you could get a job at a nursery, or doing landscaping. Or working on a farm or ranch. What I want you thinking about is that you have real experience to offer! Also think about any school activities, such as fundraisers, which you can use in an interview to demonstrate customer service and cash handling experience.

I hope this helps you to think through this. Let me know if you have questions!


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Alyssa K.’s Answer

Hi Aydin,

I hope all is well. I agree with Kim, it will depend on transportation and how far of a distance
you may have to travel. Some people live in cities and some live far out in a rural or suburban areas,
so that will play a factor in finding employment.

Some options you may have are:

📍Retail (Chic fil a, Starbucks, McDonald's, etc.)

📍 Library (shelver, front desk assistant, etc)

📍 Restaurants (waiter, host, busboy, etc.)

📍 Family/friend of the family business (assistant, front desk, etc)

📍 Car wash/detailing companies

📍 Summer Camp Counselor

📍 Lawn Care Companies (cutting grass, landscape, etc.)

I hope this helps, I wish you well on you job search!

Alyssa Cole

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Bri’s Answer

Some jobs you can do is pet-sitting when people are out of town or dog walker. If your neighborhood has a pool, get certified as a lifeguard and see if you can work there as a lifeguard. Offer to wash cars. If you are close enough to shops/the library, offer to run errands for people. Grocery store near by to be a bagger or get carts. If you can program or fix computers or are simply good at online stuff, see if any neighbors could use a hand at home. Also you can look online people post jobs all the time (craigslist). Hope this helps, good luck!