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Career Questions tagged Dogs

Jillian L.’s Avatar
Jillian L. Sep 16, 2021 83 views

How did you find the career path you decided to take?

I like animals, and I wish to work with them in the near future....


Hazel K.’s Avatar
Hazel K. Nov 15, 2019 241 views

Is there specific types of vets?

dogs i dont know what to do as a...

Natalie I.’s Avatar
Natalie I. Jan 07, 2019 285 views

What is it like to be a k-9 police officer ?

how do you deal with the dog if he or she is not listening? What do you do to train your dog? dogs police-officer law-enforcement criminal-justice...


Javier C.’s Avatar
Javier C. Jan 22, 2018 1439 views

I want to pursue a career with animals. Help?

For all my life I wanted to work with animals. However I don't know exactly what to do in it. Sometimes I wanted to be a host on an animal show just like Steve Irwin or Coyote Peterson. Sometimes I want to be just a simple wildlife conservationist. Sometimes I just want to work at an animal...

animal confused college-major career low-income zoology career-choice grant conservation dogs scholarships job university wildlife zookeeper animals

Chrissy R.’s Avatar
Chrissy R. May 15, 2016 983 views

Are there any scholarships or grants to assist in becoming a certified dog trainer?

I help rescue and foster dogs. I would love to become a trainer so that I could find more dogs "furever" homes. animal-health dog-rescue dogs dog-training animal career college...


Abigail  G.’s Avatar
Abigail G. May 22, 2016 749 views

How can I learn to train service dogs?

I love dogs and training them and I am interested in service dog training service disabilities...