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How did you find the career path you decided to take?

I like animals, and I wish to work with them in the near future. dogs

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2 answers

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Jeff’s Answer

Great question--
It sounds as though you have already identified your passion! I would suggest working at an animal shelter or working at a veterinarian office to gain some hands on experience working with animals.

I ended up with a career in finance, but I was a chemistry major in college, not finance or business. I found finance fit my problem solving abilities and my interpersonal skills. It was rather lucky for me to wind up in finance, but since you have already found your passion pursue it with gusto!

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Meaghan’s Answer

Hi Jillian! I agree with Jeff. Pursue your passion! If you are passionate about something, you will likely either 1.) be naturally very good at it, 2.) be motivated enough to become very good at it, or 3.) at a minimum you will find out you don't like it as much as you thought you might and thereby at least eliminate it from the list of possibilities - OR in the process discover something else that you enjoy even more! There are so many different ways of working with animals - from veterinary clinics, to shelters, to local wildlife rescue, to fostering, to pet-sitting. Get your foot in the door and opportunities will flow from there!