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San Francisco, California
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I want to study in either animal health science or business at one of the best colleges that provide those majors.

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Jillian Apr 11, 2022 334 views

I want to choose a certain major but my parents don't agree with the one I'm choosing. What should I do?

I want to major in animal health science but my parents think business is more useful in life.

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Jillian Apr 11, 2022 341 views

When must I choose my set career by?

Is there a set time for when I should choose my future career? Or is it never too late?

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Jillian Feb 03, 2022 381 views

What is a good way to organize my time when working?

#time-management #education #school

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Jillian Feb 03, 2022 367 views

What are good talent and strengths to have in the business field.

#business #work #entrepreneur #business-management

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Jillian Oct 07, 2021 350 views

What happens if I want to switch majors.

I can't decide between business or animal health science and I'm afraid that if i choose one I'll end up regretting it later on. #business #animalhealthscience

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Jillian Sep 16, 2021 341 views

How did you find the career path you decided to take?

I like animals, and I wish to work with them in the near future. #dogs