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Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Mar 17, 2023 625 views

Can I switch majors after enrolling into a university under a different major?

If so, how difficult must it be to get into engineering-related majors.

Deyalith’s Avatar
Deyalith Mar 26, 2023 517 views

best major to become a vet?

what major is best to become a vet? i was looking at biology or maybe zoology but i'm not really sure which i should pick. any advice for major choices or different options would be appreciated.

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 1838 views

What are some good study habits that will help me in a rigourous major

Hey, I am a nursing student and I never developed any good study habits because ei would do well or at least pass by studying 2 days before the exam but that has not been enough with nursing and I am scared of failing #studyhabits #college #university #nursingstudent #nursing #healthcaremajor...

Jillian’s Avatar
Jillian Sep 16, 2021 437 views

How did you find the career path you decided to take?

I like animals, and I wish to work with them in the near future. #dogs

xavier’s Avatar
xavier Sep 17, 2021 529 views

how did you start to know that the job you picked would have been a great opportunity or a well loved job?

#career #automotive #auto mechanics

Luisa’s Avatar
Luisa Aug 19, 2018 719 views

what major would help me become a park ranger?

I would really like to become a park ranger for Yellowstone one day. #college-majors #majors #parkranger #nationalparkservice #senior #help

nakhia’s Avatar
nakhia Sep 15, 2021 937 views

what kind of math classes do you need to become a banker?