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I want to be an Aerospace Engineer


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Ivan May 25 76 views

What kind of habits should I build if I'm interested in an engineering related future?

Habits often define how people act, what kind of habits should I start building to succeed in the future?

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Ivan May 25 99 views

How do I network in college?

When it comes to engineering careers relating to it I hear that often times people need to network and build connections but how exactly do people do that and how early can I start?

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Ivan May 25 67 views

How do I get into more competitive majors in college?

Most engineering majors in college are extremely competitive, how do I stand out?

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Ivan Mar 17 149 views

Can I switch majors after enrolling into a university under a different major?

If so, how difficult must it be to get into engineering-related majors.

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Ivan Mar 17 179 views

Which universities are among the best for engineering?

I want to know the best universities for engineering as well as how competitive it must be to get into these universities.

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Ivan Mar 17 115 views

How competitive are engineering majors?

Specifically electrical, mechanical, aerospace, or computer engineering majors.

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Ivan Feb 28 164 views

How and when should I get prepared for college application season?

I am currently an 11th grade student in high school and I'm uncertain on where to get started.