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Career Questions tagged Experiences

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 11 345 views

What type of job is best for me and how do I decide?

I want to find a job where I can visit and learn about different cultures and environments. I love writing, being in and helping nature, helping others, and learning & experiencing new things. With those who are in fields with similar aspirations as I, what are your professions and how did...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jul 31, 2020 651 views

What the key differences between undergraduate and graduate school?

I'm a current undergraduate student who will be graduating in the spring (if things go according to plan), and while graduate school wasn't originally part of my plan, it's something I've begun considering. I've found that there seems to be less advice out there regarding grad school as opposed...

Martin’s Avatar
Martin Aug 21, 2018 435 views

How do I start makinrg friends at school?

What are the best ice breakers?
#college #experiences

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Aug 20, 2018 677 views

What kind of experiences will make me marketable when I'm applying for jobs?

#experiences #marketable #jobs #graduate

Lilianna’s Avatar
Lilianna Mar 21, 2018 461 views

What other strengths or experience might I need for being and RN?

#strengths #experiences

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Oct 29, 2016 706 views

What do you believe is the best career that incorporates all parts of STEM?

STEM has a huge part in many careers, and with many careers to choose from, having the most involvement of STEM elements can sway what someone would want to look for in their career. #engineering #career #science #technology #math #stem #japan #career-options #experiences

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Oct 21, 2016 758 views

Would it be more beneficial to live on campus if you live about an hour way from the destined college?

I am currently a high school student that is planning to go to a college however it is a bit far #college #experiences #on-campus #dorms #resident

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Apr 29, 2014 1270 views

What are the differences between being an international student and studying abroad?

Several colleges offer studying abroad programs for their students around their Junior year. I've noticed lately that there are colleges that are from a country outside my own that offer an enrollment application for out-of-country students, and I was wondering about how the two could be...

Emely’s Avatar
Emely Apr 08, 2014 1637 views

What's the best part of being a Pediatrician?

I'm interesting in knowing a little bit more about Pediatrician. #experiences

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 10, 2014 1216 views

What tips do you have for a student pursuing a medical career? (Do's/Don'ts?)

I am a high school student and I want to know more about people and their experiences with a health/medical job. What are some challenges you have overcome as a doctor/nurse/physician? What tips do you have while studying in college to working in the workplace? Thank you! #college #doctor...