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Career Questions tagged Japan

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Apr 17 135 views

What is it like to study abroad in Japan?

I hope to travel and study abroad in Japan in the future for animating purposes and would like to know what I should expect and how to prepare. japan...


nathalie C.’s Avatar
nathalie C. Aug 18, 2020 596 views
Erika K.’s Avatar
Erika K. Oct 23, 2016 605 views

What is the most fulfilling experience you can gain from working in the medical career field?

I am a high school senior and I want to know if medicine is the right path for me. medicine japan doctor healthcare...


Erika K.’s Avatar
Erika K. Oct 23, 2016 549 views

What is the most exciting thing about working in the medical career field?

I am a high school senior and I want to go to college for pre-med. I want to know what I have to look forward to. medicine japan doctor healthcare...


Ciera M.’s Avatar
Ciera M. Jan 17, 2018 412 views

How can I prepare to teach English as a second language?

I am interested in going to Japan as an English teacher. Currently, I am planning to attend a university in Virginia to earn a BA in English. I am also studying Japanese on my own. Since I'm new to this whole idea of teaching English as a second language, I was wondering if there is anything...

teaching teaching-english-as-a-second-language-tefl japan overseas working-overseas

Alexa O.’s Avatar
Alexa O. Oct 22, 2016 578 views

Do you think in today's society it is hard for teachers to aid students in forming their individuality, due to the strict curriculum and standards that are placed on them?

I am asking this because I want to be a teacher, and i have asked teachers this very question. I have noticed this, not just in my school, but in many across the country, that teachers aren't given free range to teach what their education has provided them with. Instead, teachers are given...

teaching principal japan education teacher facilitators student-development teacher-training

Aiyanna-Jizelle O.’s Avatar
Aiyanna-Jizelle O. Sep 28, 2017 647 views

How would one go about finding their first job as a translator?

I plan on becoming a Japanese translator and while it seems easy to get started, in my mind it's too vague and I'd like an exact plan. foreign-languages language japan...


Michael G.’s Avatar
Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 886 views

How do I find my passion in life?

I have been asked this question more than once in my life time. But, I am unsure what my passion is I haven't narrowed it down. I need some advise for a sense of direction. career-counseling entrepreneurship japan entertainment sports-media philanthropist...


Theresa T.’s Avatar
Theresa T. May 17, 2017 1462 views

How to get a non teaching job in korea or japan

I would love to study and work at one of these countys however I don't fit the requirements for teaching abroad nor do I want to teach . are there any alternative jobs? art japan korea aboard career-details...


Briana P.’s Avatar
Briana P. Aug 08, 2017 1760 views

Is it time for me to get a part time job?

My name is Briana and I'll be starting my second year at my community college this upcoming fall semester. I'll be taking thirteen units and my parents have been recently pushing me to apply for a job with nods to "we're hiring" signs. I understand with my age I should be working, but I'm not...

community-college women-in-stem work-life-balance psychology japan first-generation-college-students

Ya$h A.’s Avatar
Ya$h A. Mar 08, 2017 933 views

What is the average salary of a Paleontologist???

I am also interested towards paleontology so , it is better to know their salary biology japan medical-research evolutionary-biology paleontologist...


aesha P.’s Avatar
aesha P. Jul 26, 2017 524 views

How should i get idea for my new ui/ux project!?

I am keen to work and solve UI/UX problems but I am running out of new unique ideas, its research phase for me. any ideas on how and what should I work on!? uiux ideas design project inspiration user-interface-design user problems...


Coleen D.’s Avatar
Coleen D. Jul 25, 2017 1177 views

Is being a girl somehow a factor for consideration when taking a degree in industrial engineering?

What Im trying to really know here is if it has any major or minor effects for a girl like other engineering tracks futureie girls-education industrial-engineering...


Saurabh K.’s Avatar
Saurabh K. Jun 13, 2017 809 views

Which Degree i Should do After BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) ?

I am confused that whether i should do M.Sc.IT(Master of Science in Information Technology) or MCA(Master In Computer Application). software degree information-technology japan bachelors-degree masters-degree bachelor...


Maddy W.’s Avatar
Maddy W. May 02, 2017 1462 views

What kind of equipment do I need to make an anime?

Hello mr & mrs I really need help from yall in my class am in a group of artstudent we draw anime characters and others kind of art work but we just got an idea to make or learn on how to make a full anime episode. It's my dream to make anime movie and to all my friends. japan animation...

video-production anime film-production

Maddy W.’s Avatar
Maddy W. May 03, 2017 843 views

How to learn how to make a full anime episodes?

Hello I really need help. I'm in an art class with a group of art students and we draw anime characters and others kind of art work. We just had an idea to make or learn how to make a full anime episode and need suggestions! It's dream and to my friends! japan animation 3d-animation...

character-animation anime computer-animation

Leion E.’s Avatar
Leion E. Apr 26, 2017 1051 views

What is it like being an electrical engineer

Im studying information technology in college but I'm thinking about being an electrical engineer what is it like being an EE. career electrical-engineering japan project-management cad electric south hvac...


Yong Kook K.’s Avatar
Yong Kook K. Apr 17, 2017 796 views

If you were to learn new languages, what would they be?

People study abroad, and work out of state frequently. The ability to speak multiple languages will help them to become more successful in their field interacting with foreign clients and employees. japan foreign-languages...


Yong Kook K.’s Avatar
Yong Kook K. Apr 17, 2017 740 views

Where would you go if you were to go study abroad?

Think about the environment that you particularly like about the place you want to go study abroad. This will help people to understand their personalities and learning styles. travel japan study-abroad...


Yong Kook K.’s Avatar
Yong Kook K. Apr 17, 2017 686 views

Where is the best school to go to study music production?

Planning to attend a semester at a music school to learn how to produce music. college-selection japan...


Yong Kook K.’s Avatar
Yong Kook K. Apr 17, 2017 652 views

How do you study for the LSAT?

I am a third year college student, preparing for the LSAT. japan...


Cameron V.’s Avatar
Cameron V. Apr 05, 2017 683 views

How can i be a game designer?

I wanna design some games like HD Remaster of games i love (that is if a certain game i wanna remaster is not already remastered), maybe even design my own mobile games, can i start there? video-games japan game-design game-development...


Nykira R.’s Avatar
Nykira R. Feb 21, 2017 582 views

What does life look like after I get a degree in nursing?

I plan to nurse and have that as a stable job and go from there. nursing...


Nykira R.’s Avatar
Nykira R. Feb 21, 2017 2360 views

Why did you choose to pursue a culinary career?

I chose this because I Love to cook and this is what I want to do when I grow up.. japan...


Nathan M.’s Avatar
Nathan M. Feb 15, 2017 1013 views

What is the best job for me??

I am asking this question because I am lost!! I have worked 6 jobs in the last 5 years! research human-resources resume japan recruiting public-relations retail...


Leah A.’s Avatar
Leah A. Feb 14, 2017 487 views

What does an internship need to improve in you before it's considered a good internship?

I'm planning on doing an internship in the summer but I'm not sure what makes an internship good or worth the time. internships japan summer-jobs...