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Career Questions tagged Cad

Donny’s Avatar
Donny Jan 13, 2021 433 views

I am very interested in math and science and I like using CAD software. Is there any specific jobs/careers that would use CAD daily?

I am thinking about going into the engineering field when I graduate and I would love to know what type of career would be best suited for me. #engineering #CAD

Leion’s Avatar
Leion Apr 26, 2017 1314 views

What is it like being an electrical engineer

Im studying information technology in college but I'm thinking about being an electrical engineer what is it like being an EE. #career #electrical-engineering #japan #project-management #cad #electric #south #hvac #schneider

Britney’s Avatar
Britney Mar 12, 2017 5212 views

What type of engineering field uses CAD software?

I would like to know about what specific field that uses CAD software. I'm interested in this field and would like to know how designing with CAD could be a career. Does it pay well? What are the different companies offering positions with designing with CAD? #engineering #cad #systems-engineering

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 19, 2016 897 views

What type of software do they use for cad, and how to get a career in cad?

I want to know the software they use for cad, and what you should take in college or technical school. #cad

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 19, 2016 1233 views

What is cad?

I was g design classes, and wanted to know what it was. #cad

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 04, 2016 673 views

What degrees would accompany CAD certification?

Degrees that accompany certification increase the chances of being hired. #college #cad

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 04, 2016 791 views

Where in the U.S. are drafting jobs needed?

Drafting has a -3 percent outlook within the next 5 years. Job numbers are declining. #cad #drafting #computer-aided-drafting

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Apr 10, 2016 737 views

graduated with 2:1 in Quantity Surveying but do not want to work in the field

Hi Guys. I hope someone can really help me, i have graduated in QS and during the course wanted to change but was not sure what to, so i completed the course, now i do not to do quantity surveying,.oh yeah also got a hnc in CAD + Construction. which i did before i went to quantity surveying...

Efe’s Avatar
Efe Aug 07, 2015 990 views

How Can I Become a Drafter

I don't quite know yet what type of drafting I want to pursue, but can someone walk me through the process?

My main concern is college, and if I need to attend, for how long should I go? #college #university #cad #drafting #architectural-drafting #structural-drafting

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Feb 07, 2015 3419 views

What are some better alternatives to ITT Tech's school of drafting and design?

In the past few weeks I have had a lot of time to consider both my interest and my options. I’ve taken the time to look at local schools and programs that they offer. The first thing I’ve decided is that I want to do something that allows me to use my creativity. the thing that has caught my...

RUBEN’s Avatar
RUBEN Feb 28, 2014 1279 views

how can i become a startup ?????

hi am ruben ... am persuing my Btech degree on mechanical production engineering...2nd year..suddenly a passion for enterpernuership and start up came to my mind ...i have no idea on this startup possibile only if i know programming...what ol things as a bigginer should i have to...