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I am very interested in math and science and I like using CAD software. Is there any specific jobs/careers that would use CAD daily?

I am thinking about going into the engineering field when I graduate and I would love to know what type of career would be best suited for me. #engineering #cad

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Mechanical engineers uses this every day. You become a designer as you gain experience and designers are using CAD every day, all day. If you get tired of this, then there are many other jobs you can do with this degree. I started as a designer but became more interested in running programs and managing projects. Other engineering positions uses this as well, Aerospace, Electrical, Architectural, etc.

Thank you, very much appreciated! I don't think I'll ever get tired of CAD, as I am always finding new things to challenge myself with. Donny P.

Just to tag onto John's answer, Systems Engineering and Robotics positions/tracks are also pretty CAD heavy. Cat Adams

Awesome, thank you! Donny P.

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Riley’s Answer

Further to John's point above, mechanical engineers use a ton of CAD. That is only half the battle though. The beautiful thing about being a mech. eng. is you are a very versatile team member. This means that you will find mech. engineers in all industries and on most engineering teams. So my advice if you were to settle on a career in mechanical engineering is to identify industries that interest you further. I would also suggest a minor in advanced CAD and simulations. This would make you a very valuable asset on any team and would probably satisfy your CAD itch even more.