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What type of software do they use for cad, and how to get a career in cad?

I want to know the software they use for cad, and what you should take in college or technical school. #cad

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3 answers

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Karthick’s Answer

CAD Drawing Career Options
Career options for CAD drawers are plentiful. A 2-year degree in CADD from a community college or technical school computer-aided drafting and design typically qualifies graduates for the following common job titles:

Electrical drafters - create diagrams that layout wiring setups. These diagrams are used by professionals who repair and install electrical equipment and wiring.
Aeronautical drafters - create plans and drawings that detail engineering specifications for use in the manufacturing of airplanes, missiles and the like.
Mechanical drafters - prepare detailed assembly drafts for use with mechanical devices and machines. These drawings include methods of fastening, dimensions and other specifications.
Civil drafters - create topography and relief maps for use in civil engineering projects. These projects include bridges, water and sewage systems, highways and flood control setups.
Architectural drafters - diagram features of buildings, both structural and architectural, used in construction jobs. Diagrams may include materials needed to complete the job for both commercial and residential buildings.
Process drafters - create diagrams that are used in gas and oil refineries, piping systems and chemical plants, emphasizing both the construction and layout of plans.
Electronics drafters - diagram schematics for assembling circuit boards and wiring for use in electronic device manufacturing and repair.
Drafters looking to advance their careers can pursue positions as architects or engineering technicians after earning 4-year college degree. Other job titles that might be attainable beyond the entry level include designer, supervisor and senior drafter.

Salary Information
While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not report on all of these types of drafters individually, it does collect data on some of them. In 2014, the BLS reported that electrical and electronics drafters made an annual average wage of $62,040 that year, as listed by the BLS, while mechanical drafters brought in an average of $55,260. The mean yearly salary for architectural and civil drafters in 2014 was $52,480, according to BLS data.

Education Requirements for CAD Drawing Careers
Prospective drafters can start their career preparation in high school by developing their artistic ability and taking classes in science, math, computer technology, design and of course, drafting. After high school graduation, students may enter any number of technical schools or community colleges that feature drafting education. Most 4-year institutions don't offer education specifically in drafting, but earning a bachelor's degree in a related field such as engineering, math, computer technology or architecture, can be useful to gain employment, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS (

At community colleges and technical schools, associate's degrees or certificate programs focused specifically on drafting are widely available. An associate's degree in CADD technology is the most common education prerequisite for entry into computer-aided design and drawing careers. Common classes taught these degree programs include:

Engineering drawing
Technical drafting
Manufacturing design
These 2-year degrees prove a graduate's value to employers and offer the best chance for career success in this competitive field, which is growing at a rate slower than the national average according to the BLS as of January 2014.

The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) offers a certification test that is designed to prove drafting knowledge; students may use it as a potential tool for career advancement. Their Drafters Certification Test tackles basic drafting concepts such as working drawings, architectural terms and geometric construction ideas.

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Christian’s Answer

The software currently being used are programs such as Autocad, Revit, Solidworks, and the Bentley programs.

The software used by the companies greatly depends on what they are creating, and what the requirements for their industry are.
If you are interested in Architecture, HVAC, Electrical design, or Plumbing design, I would definitely recommend looking into CAD classes within a trade school if you are already in one!
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naveen’s Answer

These are some of the Cad software's
5.TurboCAD 2016 Deluxe.
6.Creo Parametric 3D Modeling Software.
8.Moment of Inspiration.
10Fusion 360.
Depending on field of Engineering relevant software's are used for Drafting and Design.