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tech support for dell
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Justin Jul 19, 2016 1144 views

What type of software do they use for cad, and how to get a career in cad?

I want to know the software they use for cad, and what you should take in college or technical school. #cad

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 21, 2016 1080 views

What is a great way to stand out above all other applicants?

During jobs, school searches, I guess class could count to. What is the best way in making a great first impression to the people that you meet? #school #job #social

Chandni ’s Avatar
Chandni May 24, 2016 3417 views

How do you know what career you want?

I'm a bit unsure what to do after college. How do you decide what your path should be? #business #marketing #fashion #design #photography #advertising #drawing #undecided

Clareta’s Avatar
Clareta Oct 03, 2013 2791 views

What do advertising people really do?

Everywhere I go I see advertisements. Who makes them and how do you get a job in advertising? I watched some mad men, but does it still work that way? What are the jobs I can get out of college in advertising and how do I decide which of the jobs are best for me? #marketing #advertising...

Shailah’s Avatar
Shailah Apr 27, 2012 10945 views

What are the best ways to advertise a t-shirt business?

I am starting a t shirt business where you can put whatever you want for different groups and organizations . What do you think is the best way to get my business known (advertising)? #marketing #advertising #clothing

Julea’s Avatar
Julea Feb 10, 2014 5400 views

What do brand managers actually do?

I think that something in marketing might be a good career choice for me. I thought that maybe I could start in customer service and work my way up to brand management, but maybe that's not the right way to reach my goal. But I would like to also know what a brand manager actually does every...

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey May 26, 2016 1080 views

What is the best college for a professional writing career?

I am interested in professional writing, technical, digital marketing and Advertising. Is there a college that is most appropriate for this degree. I am looking for a college that is all online. #marketing #advertising #technical