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As an engineer or researcher, is it better to work for the federal government or private companies?

As a student who wishes to pursue a degree for biomedical engineering/biotechnology, I wanted to know which option is overall better? #career #money #biomedical #job-options...



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Posted by Troll M.’s Avatar Troll M.
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Harikrishna Patadiya | Mechanical Engineer at Therma Corporation I would say that both sectors, private and government, are good ...

What major should I consider if I want to travel?

I am majoring in Business Finance but the I want to change my major because Economics is not my best subject but I do not know what i want to major in. I wanted to be a financial advisory because i want to help people or company finance/ manage money. But If I had another option I would want a...

#major #travel #job-options


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Posted by Jstewart .’s Avatar Jstewart .
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Christine Kinsey | Office Manager/Sales I feel like a career in hospitality would be great for ...

What do advertising people really do?

Everywhere I go I see advertisements. Who makes them and how do you get a job in advertising? I watched some mad men, but does it still work that way? What are the jobs I can get out of college in advertising and how do I decide which of the jobs are best for me? #marketing #advertising...



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Posted by Clareta B.’s Avatar Clareta B.
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Pedja Spanovic | Product Management Intern at Zynga Many different roles come together in an advertising or marketing business ...

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