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Danni G. Apr 12, 2018 547 views

Is "drafter" a still-used position at engineering firms? What skills does a drafter need?

For example, if you were going to a college with vocational courses, would it make sense to try to pursue something that prepares you to become a drafter? Are engineering firms still looking for people to handle just drafting, or do they only want engineers? If they are, what are the...

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Madalyn A. Oct 31, 2016 457 views

Whats the best schools for Architecture

Im 17 years old and looking for a good school witha major in architecture and i know of some but the price to go is super crazy i live with a income of about 18,000$ so its a bit challenging looking for schools not breaking the bank #art...


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Efe O. Aug 07, 2015 690 views

How Can I Become a Drafter

I don't quite know yet what type of drafting I want to pursue, but can someone walk me through the process? My main concern is college, and if I need to attend, for how long should I go? #college #university #cad #drafting #architectural-drafting...


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Joshua H. Oct 09, 2014 869 views

Can I major in Graphic Communication Systems and then complete my Master's in Architecture?

Also since I'll be a Graphic Communication Systems major should I intern at a Architect Firm or what is the best option for me? What jobs are available for me after completing my bachelor's and master's. I want to become a license architect. #job #architecture #architect #architectural...

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