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Career Questions tagged Architectural Drafting

Danni’s Avatar
Danni Apr 12, 2018 834 views

Is "drafter" a still-used position at engineering firms? What skills does a drafter need?

For example, if you were going to a college with vocational courses, would it make sense to try to pursue something that prepares you to become a drafter? Are engineering firms still looking for people to handle just drafting, or do they only want engineers? If they are, what are the...

Madalyn’s Avatar
Madalyn Oct 31, 2016 632 views

Whats the best schools for Architecture

Im 17 years old and looking for a good school witha major in architecture and i know of some but the price to go is super crazy i live with a income of about 18,000$ so its a bit challenging looking for schools not breaking the bank #art #architectural-drafting

Efe’s Avatar
Efe Aug 07, 2015 962 views

How Can I Become a Drafter

I don't quite know yet what type of drafting I want to pursue, but can someone walk me through the process?

My main concern is college, and if I need to attend, for how long should I go? #college #university #cad #drafting #architectural-drafting #structural-drafting

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 09, 2014 1148 views

Can I major in Graphic Communication Systems and then complete my Master's in Architecture?

Also since I'll be a Graphic Communication Systems major should I intern at a Architect Firm or what is the best option for me? What jobs are available for me after completing my bachelor's and master's. I want to become a license architect. #job #architecture #architect #architectural...