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Can I major in Graphic Communication Systems and then complete my Master's in Architecture?

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Also since I'll be a Graphic Communication Systems major should I intern at a Architect Firm or what is the best option for me? What jobs are available for me after completing my bachelor's and master's. I want to become a license architect. #job #architecture #architect #architectural #architectural-design #architectural-drafting

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Sonja’s Answer

Updated Carmel, New York

Hi Joshua, I believe that in order for you to complete your master's in architecture after having finish your major in graphic communication systems, you need to have completed a specific set of courses and electives that are required for a masters in architecture. So, your first stop would be to talk to a college academic advisor so that he/she could guide you in finding out if these two areas correlate.

After you finish your major in architecture, you should definitely apply for a job in an architectural firm in order to complete your idp (intern development program) which is a requirement needed to become a licensed architect. However, you could also work in an engineering firm as an drafter or an architect Hope this information helps you, good luck.

Thank You!