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how can i become a startup ?????

hi am ruben ... am persuing my Btech degree on mechanical production engineering...2nd year..suddenly a passion for enterpernuership and start up came to my mind ...i have no idea on this field..is startup possibile only if i know programming...what ol things as a bigginer should i have to learn so as to become a start up.. ..what about learning CAD\CAM softwares..or should i have to learn some deep programming languages to survive..can any 1 plz help me....am from kerala india... #engineering #career #entrepreneurship #student #startups #cad #enterprise #kerala

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3 answers

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Kourtni’s Answer

I think the first thing you need to create a startup is to figure out a problem that you would like to solve. As you think about how to solve this problem you will find that many of the questions you posed here will begin to be answered. Something important to remember however, is that you don't have to know everything! Most successful startups involve a team of people; each person bringing their own knowledge and experience to the table.

thanxz koutni sir RUBEN V.

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Shuvom’s Answer

Programming knowledge is not needed for all startups. But knowing how to run a business is. (And you'll probably learn more from running the start-up than you will in a year of engineering college.)

If you want to read the best book about how to run a start-up, the book that a lot of entrepreneurs around Boston are reading, pick up "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries. He's started a lot of companies, some worked and some failed, and his lessons on what a start-up should focus on are worth gold.

As a second book, you can read "Rework" by Jason Fried. Owner of a small, successful software startup, powerful lessons, very easy to read.

Good luck, and study that math for your engineering!

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Jatheesh’s Answer

Coding is not at all mandatory to start a new venture. You need a vision and long team plan.
If you can show/ explain your ideas , you are there. Think of it. If it is a brand new idea, patent it.
Work with people who are already there in the field. Understand the Proc and Cons.
If you have a patented/new idea there are people/firms ready to invest.