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Jake Apr 01, 2014 1998 views

I would like to go into mechanical engineering. What kind of job opportunities are available? Is there a range of types of jobs you can take?

I'm interning at NASA and i would like to know if there is a range of different types of jobs people take or whether people have majored into mechanical and decided to go into a completely different field. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering

Forrest’s Avatar
Forrest Mar 12, 2014 1139 views

What are some other jobs/careers that relate with aerospace engineering?

I am currently interested with aerospace engineering, and I would like to gain more knowledge within the field. I would like other careers that relate within the field so I can have other possible career options. #engineering #career #aerospace #future #knowledge #field

Forrest’s Avatar
Forrest Mar 14, 2014 32515 views

How will aerospace engineering change in the future.

Aerospace engineering is a career that I deeply consider trying and I would like to know how this career could possibly change in the future specifically ten years from now. #engineering #career #aerospace #future

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 04, 2014 1722 views

What steps should I take to become an aerospace engineer?

The reason I am asking is because I have been interested in this career path, however I am stuck and can not figure out what I should do to see if I am actually interested or it just a thought in my head. #aerospace-engineering #aerospace #steps

RUBEN’s Avatar
RUBEN Feb 28, 2014 1505 views

how can i become a startup ?????

hi am ruben ... am persuing my Btech degree on mechanical production engineering...2nd year..suddenly a passion for enterpernuership and start up came to my mind ...i have no idea on this startup possibile only if i know programming...what ol things as a bigginer should i have to...

Forrest’s Avatar
Forrest Mar 05, 2014 1659 views

What specifically does an aerospace engineer do?

I am currently interested into this possible career. However, I would like to know what type of workplace does an aerospace engineer typically work in. #engineering #aerospace

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 05, 2014 29647 views

How difficult is it to get a job in aerospace engineering?

Hello, I am a junior in high school thinking of becoming an aerospace engineer. I read on Bureau of Labor Statistics that the job had a job outlook of 7%. Does that mean it is going to be difficult to get a job in the career path? I need clarification on this. #jobs #career-paths...