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How do I break into a new industry?

I've been working for 20 years since I graduated from college -- 17 years at a nonprofit research institute and then the last 3 years at a large U.S. bank. My focus has been on identifying, selling/pitching, evaluating and experimenting with innovative ideas in a brought range of areas -- new research approaches, novel data science (eg, AI/ML) use cases, ways to use emerging tech to make core lines of business faster/cheaper/better, and new products & services. I left both of the last organizations when my leadership changed and there was no longer an interest in investing in more exploratory innovation (horizon 2 or 3). I see lots of companies that are investing in this type of innovation, but not many in the industries in which I have experience. How can I get the attention of recruiters and higher managers and convince them that my skillset is very transferable?

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