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Career Questions tagged Poc

Brent’s Avatar
Brent Jun 29 172 views

How do I break into a new industry?

I've been working for 20 years since I graduated from college -- 17 years at a nonprofit research institute and then the last 3 years at a large U.S. bank. My focus has been on identifying, selling/pitching, evaluating and experimenting with innovative ideas in a brought range of areas -- new...

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Mar 21, 2022 422 views

How would you Treat an LGBTQ+ / POC in the health industry

The reason i ask this is because It is 2022 and the Medical Industry still treat there LGBTQ+ /POC nurse community with utmost disrespect by staff and patients which i find very hurtful why is that they cannot be treated with respect also .

AJ’s Avatar
AJ Mar 06, 2019 781 views

As a woman of color going into the tech field, how can I flourish?

As a minority, I know that it'll be difficult to work in the tech field. With my different skin and different gender in an industry full of white males, how can I push back a potential toxic work environment, and shine through? #tech #technology #engineering #civil-engineering #engineer...

Terri’s Avatar
Terri Jan 23, 2018 621 views

What is the hardest part about being an African-Ameican woman and becoming a mathematician?

I am asking this because I know it is very hard for an African-American woman to major in mathematics and work in this field. In addition, I am curious about how these mathematicians overcome the obstacles that they face.