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Career Questions tagged Innovation

Diepreye’s Avatar
Diepreye Jun 03, 2020 656 views

Are there companies that help market and creat prototype for your invention free of cost to you

I have a marine tech idea that is very lucrative and can help further research into marine life and related field and need help in seeing this invention made into reality I've done a patent search into it and it's in the clear I've tried searching for companies or people to make the prototype...

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lakeya Jul 09, 2018 752 views

What advice would you give a student that is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Studio Arts with the goal of being an Industrial Designer?

I have a passion for innovation. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Studio Arts. I am combining the two because it is my goal to be an Industrial Designer. Mechanical Engineering is teaching me how and why things work the way they do. Studio Arts is my creative outlet and...

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lakeya Jul 09, 2018 1458 views

Is it better to sell your invention idea(s) to a company or raise money to patent it yourself?

I have a lot of invention ideas and I am not sure how to get help. There are a lot of website that say they help people who have invention ideas but I am afraid they will steal my ideas and I will not have any legal ownership of them. #help #innovation #Mechanical #MechanicalEngineering...

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Aubreigh Jun 13, 2018 521 views

Do people use 3D printers in their careers?

Like to build parts or anything with them? #engineering #innovation

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Darlene Jan 23, 2018 544 views

How did you study for math exams and courses in your undergraduate career?

#medicine #STEM #science #innovation

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Tyrel Aug 12, 2016 881 views

What's the most successful way to become popular in the music industry?

Keeping in touch with celebrities in the entertainment industry is one of my favorite pass times. My reason for answering this question is because it seems as though many new artists have their two years or so of fame but it suddenly starts to die out and they lose thousands of fans. I would...