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Are there companies that help market and creat prototype for your invention free of cost to you

I have a marine tech idea that is very lucrative and can help further research into marine life and related field and need help in seeing this invention made into reality I've done a patent search into it and it's in the clear I've tried searching for companies or people to make the prototype a lot of these companies aren't available to my region or are quite pricey I heard of a company that helps you make the prototype and helps you market the product to investors free of charge they charge you after final agreement with the investor but didn't see enough evidence backing thier claim my question is are there companies that do this if yes can I get some suggestions and your input no matter how relevant it is to my actual question I would love all input #marketing #entrepreneur #business #science #technology #marine-biology #finance #design #investment-management #invention #idea #innovation

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5 answers

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Nitasha’s Answer

It's a very interesting question Diepreye. Very nice to see that being a student, you feel so passionate about your ideas and dream to see them come to reality.

First off, it's an excellent idea to file for a patent for any inventory idea that you think is a patent worthy. Filing for the patent does cost money and could be a cumbersome process especially if you want to do it all on your own. However here are some pointers which talk about filing the patent on your own and deciding whether you would need a lawyer or not.

Once the patent is successfully filed, you truly own that idea and then you have plenty of time to learn the skills to execute it. Take courses that will help you study more towards your dream idea and will help you navigate what role you could play in making the idea come to reality. I wouldn't rush into building it till I understand what are the right skills I need to completely live my dream.
In the meantime, you can make connections with your friends in school who might be interested in working with you on your idea, it's always great to have a good team of people who you can rely on to walk the path of your vision.

On your second question of any companies who could build a prototype for you for free, I wouldn't recommend taking this path, because there might be great marketing consulting firms you could find on google whose tag lines might say we build a free prototype for your idea and you pay later once you have raised money, etc. These are all scams and at any time during the process, could ask you for money or suck up all your energy into something which is more distraction for your idea than help!

If you are truly passionate about your idea, I am sure you will find ways to build the prototype on your own. Filing for a patent is an excellent idea and would certainly help you to get more committed to your dream idea, rest will follow. All the best!

Thank you very much for your advice I'll start walking towards learning the skills I need Diepreye E.

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Robert’s Answer

Hello Diepreye,

Great question! You are beginning on the correct path by asking questions and by doing your extensive research.

Please make sure and read through ALL of the fine print! I cannot stress this point enough!

"I heard of a company that helps you make the prototype and helps you market the product to investors free of charge they charge you after final agreement with the investor but didn't see enough evidence backing their claim..."

It is important to remember that companies are in business to make money.

"Free" does not exist.

Idea development companies should be researched extensively before deciding to invest your personal money. They will have an initial upfront cost, along with additional costs throughout the various stages of the development process. Idea development companies are not cheap and will cost you thousands of dollars.

Please do not get discouraged. Work hard and keep doing your research. Go and achieve your dreams!

Robert recommends the following next steps:

Contact a patent office for assistance.
Contact a patent lawyer for assistance.

Thank you very much for your input I have started researching about filing patents also I don't intend on giving up I appreciate your wishes aswell Diepreye E.

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Andrew’s Answer

Diepreye - it is wonderful you are an idea person and have interest in improving things through change. The only free-of-cost method for marketing and developing a prototype for a tech idea is to gain employment in a corporation. Although they would not give you full profit from your idea, they may partner with you or give you the path to a promising future with their company. If you cannot self fund the idea, this is an option where you can gain support to develop this idea and any others you may have in future.

Andrew recommends the following next steps:

1) detail your idea with a full explanation of design and product development steps
2) research the marine tech industry fully to see if any other similar product or process is on the market. If there is nothing similar, this will help your invention stand out.
3) approach a company in the field and give a brief overview of your invention. Be careful not to disclose any details.
4) sign a contract with the company agreeing on a cash settlement or percentage of profits agreement before giving your full design and plan.

I truly appreciate your input I must say I hadn't considered employment as a means to see my invention worked on thank you for bringing my attention to that Diepreye E.

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Joselyn’s Answer

Hi Diepreye,

I recommend going into this website to help you build your prototype business model -

The lean business model would give you an overview whether your innovation is viable. It can also connect you to the network that can help you provide valuable ideas.

In addition, you can maximize the free online course that can provide you about building and testing your business ideas. They provide mentoring and resources that will help you to go step-by-step from your idea to creating the prototype and evaluating it.

Just a reminder that given the abrupt changes that can occur, it is important to note that your education can contribute to your success however it takes right character to build you up and your business. Don't be afraid to take risk and select the right people who can build you up. Always think of significance rather than success. If you are significant, success would follow. Be willing to start small and always persevere! Your dream will keep you till the end.

Sending regards to your endeavor!

Thank you very much for your input I really appreciate it I wasn't aware of the sites you recommended and would check them out right now .... Thanks again :-) Diepreye E.

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Bashayir’s Answer

Yes, there are some companies that would evaluate your ideas and then make a prototype or even market that idea for you. But in this process they would take significant share of your invention if your idea becomes successful. I'd suggest that you document and submit a patent for your invention and then consider any such option of talking to such companies.

Thank you for very much for your answer I will definitely patent my idea before reaching out for any form of aid Diepreye E.

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