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Abuja, FCT
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i want to be a neurosurgeon / enviromental activist/ researcher/ inventor


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Diepreye E. Jun 03, 2020 426 views

Are there companies that help market and creat prototype for your invention free of cost to you

I have a marine tech idea that is very lucrative and can help further research into marine life and related field and need help in seeing this invention made into reality I've done a patent search into it and it's in the clear I've tried searching for companies or people to make the prototype...

idea invention technology innovation design marketing science business investment-management entrepreneur marine-biology finance

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Diepreye E. Dec 04, 2016 928 views

what and how helpfull is this karma thing

I had up to 53 karma after just two questions and that must be really impressive but I still don't know about it medicine psychology lawyer career-counseling neuroscience...


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Diepreye E. Dec 04, 2016 742 views

what is an ivy league college

How is it any different and how helpfull is it I want to know everything about it networking neuroscience neurology computer-networking...