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Cindy B. Nov 22, 2020 54 views

How can I actually get started in real estate investing in the UK at 18?

I have no steady income (my internship is only 6 months fixed contract), my parents have really bad credit scores so joint ventures isn't really possible. I really want to start learning/ taking qualifications so that I can start ASAP. Is there anyone I could shadow? How do I raise money?...

#givingiscaring #property #investor #realestate

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Jakob M. May 05, 2016 779 views

If I wanted to get into real estate investing where would I start?

I am into entrepreneurship and plan on running my own business #real-estate...


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Tabias B. May 04, 2016 419 views

Buisness investor

What do i have to do to become investor...


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Kevin J. Jun 05, 2015 824 views

How big is the portion of jobs, that I can get with a high school diploma?

I am trying to answer this question, so I can be ready for whats ahead when I graduate high school. #job #artist #investor...


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Desi D. Apr 08, 2014 705 views

How do I get people to invest in my business?

I was thinking about starting a business but couldn't figure out how i would get people to invest in my business. #investing #e-business...