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What's the most successful way to become popular in the music industry?

Updated New York, New York

Keeping in touch with celebrities in the entertainment industry is one of my favorite pass times. My reason for answering this question is because it seems as though many new artists have their two years or so of fame but it suddenly starts to die out and they lose thousands of fans. I would like to know what the best way is to keep a good reputation in terms of music and entertainment quality. #music #leadership #business-development #strategy #innovation

3 answers

Ryan A.’s Answer

Updated Darien, Illinois
Hello Tyrel, I too love music! I would try to get in with a promoter and start out at the bottom. in 2000 I worked for V2 records as a street team member got to represent and set up concert promotions for the White Stripes, The Black Crowes, Elbow, David Bowie was on the label. It was paid and I made contact today that help me go to shows or other great things. The Industry has changed. If you play get out there and show your talents, #network find music related business contacts on LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Facebook. Success is relative. I'm sure what you want out your career? Is it money and fame? That's not easy and you have to have to give it your all. Learn the business aspect as well and be your own promoter if you are intending to be an artist. Read Industry Books. But you have to have a goal and go for it! Sing your way into their hearts and heads! We all can relate to music; use that as fuel! #music #business #artist #promotions

Sheila M.’s Answer

give back to the community and have a great manager who keeps you in the spotlight

Roberto’s Answer

Updated Torrance, California
You have to have talent in whatever place you want to be, maybe singing, playing and instrument, dancing...? Besides talent you have to be different than anybody else. Also who do you know for contacts Be professional!