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How to learn how to make a full anime episodes?

Updated Douala, Littoral, Cameroon

Hello I really need help. I'm in an art class with a group of art students and we draw anime characters and others kind of art work. We just had an idea to make or learn how to make a full anime episode and need suggestions!

It's dream and to my friends! #japan #animation #3d-animation #computer-animation #anime #character-animation

2 answers

Eric’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hi Maddy, Here's one way you could go about doing it. You'll need to learn some animation software. Here's a nice list for some applications you can download - http://www.toptenreviews.com/software/multimedia/best-2d-animation-software/

Pick one of these to learn and download it. Many companies offer their software for free to students, so it might be worth checking out. Once you've picked a program to learn, start watching tutorials on youtube, for example, to learn how to use the software.

It won't be easy, but that's just the way it is at first. And it will ALWAYS take a lot of work. Don't let that discourage you, but just be prepared to work. The more you practice and improve your art skills, and learn the software, the easier it will be.

This should get you of to a great start.

Good luck and happy animating!

Corey’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas
Animation is typically done at 24 frames per second. You can draw in 2's or 3's. If you decide 2's is clean enough, then it will be 1 drawing every 2 frames and therefore 12 drawings per second. If you decide to draw in 3's then you will draw 1 drawing for every three frames, thus making the sequence 8 drawings per second. You can draw on paper, with a light board. Place the previous drawing under the next drawing to be drew, so you have a good idea on where the motion will go. If you do not want to do it traditionally, then I recommend ToonBoom software. It is the cheapest and you don't have to pay monthly like Photoshop. You will then need a drawing tablet for your computer. I have the knockoff brand, but I advise getting the Wacom bamboo (the cheapest Wacom). The drivers will be easily installed on your computer without hassle. If you do get a knockoff, beware the pressure sensitivity will most likely have issues. Mine did through several different computers, but I wrote a file to tell windows to use the pressure sensitivity. That should get you started. A more fine tuned example is "Looney Tunes," I believe, drew in 1's. 1 drawing for every frame. Meaning 24 drawings for every second. Another example is, "One Piece." I look at it and can see they sometimes draw in 2's, 3's, 4's. Most of the time they have 1 drawing that has a camera moving in or out. They sometimes have one drawing with a camera on it for a few seconds. It baffles me how it is so famous. You can take from that, that it is all about the story more so than it is about the quality of drawing. This still doesn't mean not to try.