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austin’s Avatar
austin Mar 27, 2019 907 views

What skills should I learn/ have to be a video game developer.

#video-games #animation #game-design #video #video-game-design

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Mar 19, 2019 628 views

What type of art/design jobs get highest paid?

I want to get a job in art/design and right now i think i wanna be an animator. However, animation jobs like that don't get paid well. Does anyone have any advice?#college #art #animation #artist #design

Ryan ’s Avatar
Ryan Mar 08, 2017 1090 views

What are some colleges that revolve more around arts and getting students started with animation?

I'm considering becoming a storyboard artist for kids cartoons and new animated films, but I'm not sure where I should go to learn the skills that I would need. My main objective is to get a bachelors degree in arts, but I want to know which colleges are better for becoming a cartoonist....

sean’s Avatar
sean Sep 01, 2017 839 views

Is it easy to transform animals into cartoons?

When you put animals in cartoon you make their animations look so easy. I don't think it seems that hard to do. #animation #3d-animation

sean’s Avatar
sean Sep 01, 2017 898 views

How do you transform villains into huge monsters in the movies?

I know people love a good monster battle. No one can resist fight like those. Take Godzilla for example everyone loves his fights. So why not get a new beast in the house. #3d-animation #animation #animals #animal-behavior

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 08, 2017 2749 views

Is the life of an Animator as strict as everyone says it is, or do you have some freedom?

I've been interested in becoming an animator since I was 7 years old,i'm currently 17 years old right now,and I wanted to know what environment/ lifestyle an animator has? #professional #animation #animators #expertise #2d #3d

Rita’s Avatar
Rita May 19, 2016 1063 views

What is the best advice that you have for an animation student?

I come from a very strong fine arts background, but I'm about to transfer into a school for an animation/illustration major! I don't have much experience except for a lot of drawing experience and one 3D modeling class. #animation #drawing #3d-animation #computer-animation #illustration...

alisha’s Avatar
alisha May 14, 2016 1399 views

what major would be best suited to attain the job of an animated movie/t.v. storyboard director?

this is actually my dream job so i want to be prepared for when i start applying to colleges. #film #animation #television #video #anime #art-director

Maddy’s Avatar
Maddy May 03, 2017 1355 views

How to learn how to make a full anime episodes?

Hello I really need help. I'm in an art class with a group of art students and we draw anime characters and others kind of art work. We just had an idea to make or learn how to make a full anime episode and need suggestions! It's dream and to my friends! #japan #animation #3d-animation...

jiafu’s Avatar
jiafu May 30, 2017 1055 views

Where can i get experience in animation and game development?

The job i want want requires 2+ years of experience in game development animating characters. #animation #computer-games #career-details

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Nov 18, 2015 3175 views

What college and how many years should I go to for a job in animation

I am 11 years old and I have been thinking of a job in animation, I was hoping that I could get some support of what college that I should go to and how many years I should be there to be successful in my career. Thanks! #animation

Jeffery’s Avatar
Jeffery Oct 22, 2016 1373 views

Senior Project: Career Exploration or New Skill?

At my school, all the seniors have to do a senior project. As a Junior who is interested in majoring in film and animation, I do not know whether to make my senior project Career Exploration or a new skill. Which one would be best? A note: Students at my school have different opinions on...

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 27, 2016 1127 views

What is it like to be an animator or game designer?

I have some interest in becoming of the the jobs above. I really like being creative. #art #animation #game-design #2d-animation

Trenton’s Avatar
Trenton Oct 20, 2015 1142 views

how do i get my content (animations) out in the public?

I have made some stop-motion animations and I was curious how I get people to see it and get it noticed. #art #animation

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Aug 11, 2016 1351 views

What do you need to take to learn animation?

I want to know what to take for animation. #animation