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How do you transform villains into huge monsters in the movies?

I know people love a good monster battle. No one can resist fight like those. Take Godzilla for example everyone loves his fights. So why not get a new beast in the house. #3d-animation #animation #animals #animal-behavior

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2 answers

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Corey’s Answer

Okay, whew! That is a loaded question.

You can make them into a creature with a costume and then edit the film to translate slowly from an already made scene before and then change opacities of the first film reel to transfer into the new film with the costume man.
You could do it all in a compositing software such as after effects.
Maybe search character transformation or something along those lines. I have not tried, so good luck. I know you will find something.
I would say the topic you want to know is within the FX field. If you have more questions ask. Maybe I can narrow it down some more.

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Robert’s Answer

If you are asking about the software used for modeling and texturing monsters in recent movies, then check out Pixologic Z-Brush or Autodesk Mudbox. The rigging would be done in Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave, Blender, Cinema 4D or similar software. Then the compositing would be required.