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3D Animation Instructor and Academic Program Coordinator
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emanuel Apr 24, 2018 485 views

will college be enough to prepare me for an animation career?

I heard that most college schools teach the fundamentals of animation which is not enough for the animation industry as I've heard its extremely competitive. Employers will look at my portfolio more than my degree

#computer-animation #2D-animation #3D-animation

sean’s Avatar
sean Sep 01, 2017 635 views

How do you transform villains into huge monsters in the movies?

I know people love a good monster battle. No one can resist fight like those. Take Godzilla for example everyone loves his fights. So why not get a new beast in the house. #3d-animation #animation #animals #animal-behavior

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Aug 11, 2016 1005 views

What do you need to take to learn animation?

I want to know what to take for animation. #animation