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What is the best advice that you have for an animation student?

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I come from a very strong fine arts background, but I'm about to transfer into a school for an animation/illustration major! I don't have much experience except for a lot of drawing experience and one 3D modeling class. #animation #drawing #3d-animation #computer-animation #illustration #character-animation

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I highly recommend that you watch tutorials and practice in your down time. Sites like Skillshare, Linda.com, or even YouTube offer a vast amount of tutorials. These can help you get started in any programs you might need to learn for your classes and can give you a leg up on your classmates. If you've already got the creative side down, learning the technology will be your first step. See if you can find out what programs your favorite animators use and start using them! Most programs, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, offer student pricing for subscriptions. Try to get started with these programs as soon as possible so that by the time you graduate you are creating amazing work without stumbling through the technology!

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Teachers like to give the harshest treatment to the extremely talented. It may because of jealousness or it may be to help prepare the student for the real world. Either way, I have seen students quit because of it. Do not fall into someone else's way of controlling you, even if it is a teacher. If you come across this situation just do the work for them and move on. Your degree is, I believe, and you can ask around, mostly a piece of paper that says, I am committed. I am not a quitter. I will meet deadlines. I am prestigious and not an arrogant artist that thinks they do not need college. If you come from a line of fine artists, you will be fine. One of my most grandest luxuries during college is finding people to talk to. It is what they call a support line. My parents and a few students at school I met are my support line. Just being able to talk about stuff and get it out, so you can focus on homework. You can talk about good and bad things. Remember, young or old adults at college are there for the same reason you are. This reason is to be successful. Some people get their ideas from other people as they cannot think on there own. They will use you, steal your ideas, and everything what not have you like that. Even if you keep yourself isolated, it will happen, so make friends and be happy. But be cautious. Have fun.
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