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Is there a course to become a EMT in Okinawa japan?

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3 answers

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Paula-Ann’s Answer

Hello Nathalie,

I found a good description of the best ways to become an EMT in Japan, average pay for paramedics, and the usual career path people take to become EMTs. I couldn't find any specific EMT trainings in Okinawa specifically, but according to this Quora post, most paramedics in Japan start out as fire fighters, and then transition into being an EMT/paramedic. I have attached the source below that explains that a minimum five-year of experience as an ambulance personnel is required to be an EMT, as well as 509 hours of schooling, 406 hours of hospital training or simulation in an official training facility.

This is the source, and another source that provides information on fire fighter training in Okinawa.



Hope this helps!

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Yuichi’s Answer

I believe Paula-Ann gave a perfect answer to the question, but I would like to add two minor points.

The first point is Japanese language skill.
EMT is a national certificate in Japan and you need to qualify a test.
The test is conducted by a non-profit foundation, http://qqzaidan.jp/ , and Japanese is the only language available.
Since you are located in Okinawa, I hope this is not a challenge for you.

Regarding with the required 5 year experience, the experience is not limited domestic experience in Japan, but you can qualify with an equivalent experience outside of Japan.

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