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Career Questions tagged Industrial Engineering

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paul May 07, 2021 296 views

how to be a automotive mechanics?


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Thea Nov 05, 2020 378 views

I'm stuck in choosing between Industrial Engineering or Civil Engineering.

I'm currently a Senior High School student taking STEM strand. My first choice is Civil Engineering but I am really weak on the subject Mathematics and I feel like I will not pass it on College. Then I stumbled on Industrial Engineering and I kinda liked what it is about. #Civil-Engineering...

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Joan Nov 12, 2019 481 views

What is your favorite part about working as a hardware engineer.

#IT # #engineering #engineer #computer-engineering #hardware #hardwareengineer #industrial-engineering

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Alex Jan 08, 2019 436 views

Is it stressful to study electrical engineering?

#engineer #college #industrial-engineering

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Alexandra Jun 20, 2018 865 views

Is industrial engineering a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Feb 13, 2018 1086 views

How can I become a manufacturing engineer with a mechanical engineering degree?

Hi, I'm currently a junior level mechanical engineering student with an interest in manufacturing because I've been reading a few magazines about it (Automation World, Pro Food World, etc if anyone's familiar) but I'm still trying to figure out the skills and education that I need for the...

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Ty'ron Aug 31, 2017 631 views

What is the most successful route to become a engineer ?

I want to become an engineer to help construct and building things. What is a strategy or best way to get there? I am a little familiar with things people built around me. What is the most directive way to get there?

#mechanical-engineering #industrial-engineering

Coleen’s Avatar
Coleen Jul 25, 2017 1370 views

Is being a girl somehow a factor for consideration when taking a degree in industrial engineering?

What Im trying to really know here is if it has any major or minor effects for a girl like other engineering tracks #futureie #girls-education #industrial-engineering #japan

Darrian’s Avatar
Darrian May 18, 2017 1408 views

How did failing a class in college affect your career decision?

I have recently just finished my first year of college. I am currently an Industrial Engineering major and i have failed calculus 2. At the moment, i am feeling very disappointed in myself and am considering switching majors. I know that is is my fault that I did not put in the necessary time...

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Apr 06, 2017 1067 views

What is the difference between the different Engineering fields?

I recently decided to pursue the engineering field but I do not know what field to go into. #engineering #science #mechanical-engineering #electrical-engineering #software-engineering #aerospace-engineering #industrial-engineering

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Tharles Feb 20, 2017 844 views

How do you see meritocracy inside a company?

I am searching for an interniship, but I am seeing that sometimes people get a job easier when there is someone inside the conpany that rely on them, that has been indicated by someone else. But is it a problem for meritrocacy? I say, a person that does not have someone inside the company to...

Tharles’s Avatar
Tharles Feb 20, 2017 2025 views

How do you see meritocracy inside a company?

I am searching for an interniship, but I am seeing that sometimes people get a job easier when there is someone inside the conpany that rely on them, that has been indicated by someone else. But is it a problem for meritrocacy? I say, a person that does not have someone inside the company to...

Deepak’s Avatar
Deepak Feb 19, 2017 1125 views

How to be a career expert in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector ?

I want to be. #business-development #industrial-engineering #bpo #business-process #outsourcing

Tharles’s Avatar
Tharles Jan 11, 2017 2140 views

How to make a good first impression during a job interview?

I am an engineering student that is searching for an internship those days. #business #mechanical-engineering #business-management #civil-engineering #electrical-engineering #chemical-engineering #administration #industrial-engineering #job-application

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Oct 31, 2016 874 views

What's the likelihood of getting hired by a major company, such as Northrup Grumman, right out of college?

I was curious if they require experience or if they've been known to accept newly graduated students. #computer-software #mechanical-engineering #electrical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #industrial-engineering

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Oct 30, 2016 882 views

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a future female engineer?

I am very interested in an engineering career and I want to know some great advice for a female in this industry. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #chemical-engineering #industrial-engineering #nuclear-engineering

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Oct 30, 2016 9591 views

What are the most difficult classes that engineering students are required to take?

I hear that the required classes for an engineering degree are rigorous. I have a calculus class right now, and I am doing fine, but how much harder are the classes in college compared to high school? And, what advice should I take with me prior to going to college in order to pursue an...

Cole’s Avatar
Cole Oct 29, 2016 776 views

How would you characterize an average day at your job and how is sustainability integrated into your job as an engineer?

Since the start of my high school career I have dreamed of becoming an engineer. I will thrive to major as an engineer because I know that engineers work to solve global problems such as world hunger, clean water, protecting the environment and improving the quality of everyday life. Now that...

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Oct 23, 2016 673 views

Is UW Madison a good college to attend if I want to be an engineer?

They have very high engineering ranks but I don't know exactly what goes into the ranking #engineering #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #computer-engineering #software-engineering #industrial-engineering #social-services

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Oct 22, 2016 2480 views

What does it take to be an industrial engineering?

I am interested in industrial engineering and I want to know if this really is the career for me. #industrial-engineering

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Oct 22, 2016 961 views

What kind of jobs does an industrial engineer do?

I am interested in studying engineering and I have been told that with the skills I have that industrial engineering is the best path in engineering for me. #industrial-engineering

Noemi’s Avatar
Noemi Oct 20, 2016 796 views

When looking into careers in Engineering, how should I determine what exact kind of engineering I want to study? Such as civil, chemical, and/or mechanical?

I am very intrigued with achieving a major in engineering, but I am not sure in what exact expertise I am interested in and would like to hear multiple perspectives on this matter. #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #electrical-engineering #industrial-engineering #women #engine

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Aug 19, 2016 985 views

What are some real life career paths that I can take if I obtain a degree in Industial Engineering.

I know that Engineering is a very popular and smart investment for my education and just want to know what I can do with this degree once I have it. #airline-industry #industrial-engineering #digital-marketing #numerical-analysis

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juana Aug 01, 2016 1264 views

In what areas does an industrial engineer work?

Curious to learn more about industrial engineering.
[This question has been translated from Spanish into English] #industrial-engineering #seguridad

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Sydnee May 19, 2016 1138 views

Industrial Engineering

I was wondering if someone could expound on the thought of industrial engineering? I've tried getting as much information on the true definition of what an industrial engineer does. Also, what are common jobs that industrial engineers fall into after graduating college that best fit their...

Shellie’s Avatar
Shellie May 15, 2016 18625 views

I am looking into civil or industrial engineering. Could you tell me the main differences between the two?

I am divided between civil or industrial engineering. I don't know much about either besides what I am able to read online. Having information from someone who works closely between the two would be enlightening. #engineering #engineer #civil-engineering #industrial-engineering #industrial-engineer

Fate Alexis’s Avatar
Fate Alexis May 14, 2016 799 views

What field is best in engineering if you are great in mathematics?

I am great at mathematics, but I am not sure what branch to choose from. I love to solve math problems and learn more new topics about math. I also want to be able to create my own problems and solve it. #engineering #industrial-engineering

Jayashankar’s Avatar
Jayashankar Apr 29, 2016 1239 views

What are things I have to do to become a perfect Engineer?

I want to know how to become a perfect Engineer so please help me #engineer #professional #teacher #mechanical-engineering #industrial-engineering #software-engineering #civil-engineering #teach

Jillian’s Avatar
Jillian Apr 13, 2016 1491 views

For any type of engineer, how would you characterize an average day at your job?   How much of your day do you spend solving technical engineering problems?

Hello, my name is Jillian and I am from Boston, MA. I am a sophomore in high school and I am very interested in career fields involving engineering. I am not sure what type of engineering I would like to pursue, but I love solving problems. I am currently learning about aerospace and...

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Jan 06, 2015 1568 views

What is a good profesion for me?

I am a 10th grader and I am really interested in Industrial design, and Mechanical engineering. I enjoy solving puzzles and building stuff. I am decent at math and physics and enjoy being active. What is the right job for me? #mechanical-engineer #industrial-engineering #industrial-design...