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Cody M. Jan 24, 2018 844 views

How competitive is the job market as an English teacher in Japan?

It has always been my dream to move to Japan and as I am going to college my plan is to live there as an English teacher. #japanese #teaching #english #teacher...


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Oleksandra K. May 09, 2018 350 views

What kind of jobs can linguistics/Asian languages majors have in government?

I'm interested in Asian languages and linguistics. In U.S., Asian, Russian, and/or Ukrainian governments, what kind of jobs can I expect? Are diplomacy or translation the only options? #asian #asian-languages #asia-pacific #asianstudies #russia #russian #ukraine #government #japanese #chinese...

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Emily F. Mar 26, 2018 375 views

What does one do with a Japanese major?

I really want to study Japanese -- it's been a passion of mine for a long time. The only problem is, I only know two jobs that I can do with that major, that being translation and a teacher. Neither of which sound like my cup of tea, so what other options do I have? #japanese #foreign-languages...

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Cody M. Jan 24, 2018 233 views

What program of study and classes would benefit me most as a teacher in Japan?

My dream has always been to move to Japan. My plan to achieve this is to become an English teacher in a Japanese school. #japanese...


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Yasmin A. Jan 24, 2018 887 views

Are foreign language degree considered "useless?"

I love foreign languages. I'm already bilingual. (I speak Spanish fluently.) It's my dream to become a polyglot. In college, I'm certain I want to either minor or major in a foreign language. I'm particularly interested in learning Japanese, but I'm also considering Arabic or Russian. The...

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Alicia F. Jan 20, 2018 355 views

Does anyone know a better way to study a foreign language by yourself?

i am trying to learn enough Japanese to be able to take the AP exam for it and I'm not sure if there's a good way for me to learn it. I've watched several videos about kanji and know the basics for grammar, but is there a more efficient way? #foreign-languages #japanese #online-learning...


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Aiyanna-Jizelle O. Sep 28, 2017 570 views

How would one go about finding their first job as a translator?

I plan on becoming a Japanese translator and while it seems easy to get started, in my mind it's too vague and I'd like an exact plan. #foreign-languages #language #japan...


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Katelyn H. Aug 31, 2017 848 views

How likely will opportunities to travel abroad be in a career as a UX designer?

I am planning to have a future career in User Experience (UX) design. As understanding different walks of life and cultures is a big part of not only UX design but also my personal interests, I would love to travel alongside my job. Due to my heritage, I have a particular interest in working...

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Shi Ying Quince C. May 19, 2016 575 views

What career choices I have with interior design and Japanese?

I been studying interior design in college but due to some academic issues I have to change to Japanese which I still want to be doing something with design. Is there any career choices that can combine the two together? #interior #japanese #interior-architecture...


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Shi Ying Quince C. May 19, 2016 851 views

If I don't graduate with a degree in Interior Design, is it very hard to find a job?

I am asking this question because I am studying interior design right now, but due to some academic issues I can't continue with the major. I still want a job associate with interior design will that be something difficult to do? The major I will be changing to was my minor - Japanese....

#japanese #interior-designer #architectural #interior-architecture

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Jesse U. May 17, 2016 550 views

What do you recommend for self-study over the summer for a Japanese major?

I have been immersing myself further in Japanese media and I bought the first Genki textbook. I have taken a year online and have been studying on my own as well. I know a great deal of vocabulary, but I am weak in grammar and kanji. Do you have any recommendations for media, online sources, or...

#language #japanese #translation #studying-tips #foreign-languages

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Jesse U. May 17, 2016 604 views

What majors do you recommend that I take with Japanese if I want to be a translator?

I am graduating high school very soon and will be entering college after this summer. At this point, I plan to become a Japanese to English (or vice versa) translator, and I know that there are several options as to what I might take with my Japanese major. I have considered a Chinese minor,...

#majors #college #japanese #translation

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camilo S. May 04, 2016 982 views

How should I try and break into Japan's manga industry?

I want to be a manga artist but other than drawing and learning Japanese, I am not sure what specific steps to take... Should I look for a specific school, try and make industry contacts, maybe start in the comics for the US? #comics #japanese...


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Leigh L. Mar 24, 2015 1127 views

What are some possible careers for someone who wants to take majors in Graphic Design, French, Sketching, Studio Arts, Photography, Music, French and Japanese ?

I'm in 12th grade, and I don't have a definite career choice yet. I just know that I would like to be fluent in Japanese and French, and that my career would be related to art and/or music. #graphic-design #video-games #photography #french #japanese...


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Shawn H. Dec 17, 2014 1376 views

What is a good language to know/learn when looking to become a translator?

I am a senior in high school and I have been learning German and Japanese but I am having a hard time deciding what language I should start with that would benefit me most in my career plans. I have heard certain languages are in demand but I am not sure if i should learn them since they are...

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C'Asia M. Apr 03, 2014 690 views

What steps does a person have to take to become apart of the manga business?

I am extrmely intrested in manga and anime and I was curious about the steps I might have to follow to become apart of that business #writing #drawing #translation...