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Career Questions tagged Chinese

Christian S.’s Avatar
Christian S. May 11, 2019 394 views

Chinese vs German

I'm trying to decide what language I want to take for high school. As I've talked about before, I've been thinking about taking a train apprenticeship. The rail company is based in Switzerland, and a lot of their instructions are in German. So if I take German, it would help me get my foot in...

college military money-management rail business entrepreneur language high-school train chinese german career college-major finance

Matthew M.’s Avatar
Matthew M. Jul 10, 2018 478 views

Is Chinese a good language to learn?

I am planning on minoring in Business. Will learning Chinese be helpful, even though I will be living in the U.S.A? # Business...


Oleksandra K.’s Avatar
Oleksandra K. May 09, 2018 462 views

What kind of jobs can linguistics/Asian languages majors have in government?

I'm interested in Asian languages and linguistics. In U.S., Asian, Russian, and/or Ukrainian governments, what kind of jobs can I expect? Are diplomacy or translation the only options? asian asian-languages asia-pacific asianstudies russia russian Ukraine government japanese chinese...

international korea korean southkorea china foreign-languages linguistics

Samantha V.’s Avatar
Samantha V. Sep 01, 2017 416 views

What types of careers can I do with a major in Chinese?

I know Icould teach Chinese or be a translator, but what other jobs are there?...