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Career Questions tagged User Experience Design

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Anthony Jun 27 143 views

What should be included in a portfolio review for a product design interview?

I just finished my UX/UI bootcamp and I'm wondering what advice you have on what makes a compelling portfolio review for a Jr. Designer.

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Melinda May 12 136 views

Software engineer vs. UI/UX designer?

I think I want to become a software engineer or a UI/UX designer. Is there a career that would encapsulate both these roles? Also, many engineering focused schools, such as Purdue, offers a wide range of specific majors like computer science, UI/UX design, web design, etc. I know that...

Avni’s Avatar
Avni Feb 10, 2018 1103 views

How can I find good internship opportunities as a high school student?

I have a Linkedin but all the internships require one to be currently pursuing a college degree but I'm still a senior in high school. I'm interested in UX Design and Computer science.
#computerscience #user-experience #user-experience-design #internships #highschool #highschoolsenior

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Kathryn Oct 07, 2017 891 views

Is "return offer" the major way of getting a job offer after graduation?

Hi! I am planning to apply to a graduate program in UX/HCI, and work as a UX designer after graduation. There are 1-year programs in some graduate schools, but my concern is that if they do not help much in job seeking. My friends told me if I join a 1-year program, I would not have the chance...

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Katelyn Aug 31, 2017 3011 views

How likely will opportunities to travel abroad be in a career as a UX designer?

I am planning to have a future career in User Experience (UX) design. As understanding different walks of life and cultures is a big part of not only UX design but also my personal interests, I would love to travel alongside my job. Due to my heritage, I have a particular interest in working...

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Jessica Apr 09, 2015 1012 views

What is the major you study at college?

I want to become the person who ahead of other people. #user-experience-design