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Alejandro P. Aug 09, 2020 246 views

What are the chances to get into Investment Banking (any job) as intern without any experience nor a Master's Degree in Finance / CFA? What should I expect in terms of hours worked and chances of growth if I make it?

I am turning 28 this year. My past experience is in Marketing and Sales and just got my Undergraduate Business degree in 2019. During univeristy I picked up some finance subjects as electives like corporate and financial markets. I really love to sell, to invest and to be aware of what happens...

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Demetrio G. Dec 11, 2016 536 views

Interships which ones are right for you?

Hi , my name is Demetrio i'm a current undergad student at devry university im majoring in Network systems Administrator and would like to express some useful thought to those who dont have a clue about how to gain experience in your field that will be suitable in the future so, If you're a...

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Demetrio G. Dec 23, 2016 374 views


So specifically does anyone , think that entering with a certification is more valuable than a degree itself? Also what kind of limitations does having or not having a degree give you rather having or not having certifications. How many people have you seen at the top without a degree, but only...

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Demetrio G. Dec 23, 2016 443 views


Does anyone think that certifications are valuable to getting into the field of career, or can you simply can an entry level job with no experience what so ever. Does any one think Comptia A+ certifications are worth it or not? #certifications #entrylevel...