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Interships which ones are right for you?

Hi , my name is Demetrio i'm a current undergad student at devry university im majoring in Network systems Administrator and would like to express some useful thought to those who dont have a clue about how to gain experience in your field that will be suitable in the future so,
If you're a college student and wish to pursue your career further what are some places you might attend to gain experience? Well Basically if you're looking for experience a good way is to look for specific intern ships that are relevant to your field, such as it is always a good idea to get entry level jobs that post to your career as a stepping stone. So to add to that i would also like to mention that getting certified in things that are relevant to your field helps a lot to get your foot in the door, from what i heard most companies only care if you posses such certification without always asking what you know about it. So some things to look at are , in indeed for internships or even events that could allow you to network with people in your field. #college #internships #network #entrylevel #engineering #administrators #networking

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3 answers

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Ashley’s Answer

Hi Demetrio! Excellent advice! I would also recommend joining a student or professional organization to help you network with those either in your field or those who are hoping to be in your field. If your college does not have any on-campus organization to fit your major, start one!

Best of luck with everything!

Ashley recommends the following next steps:

Join or start a relevant student organization on campus
Join a professional organization within your field and get involved with them. Network and attend their events.

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Dylann’s Answer

Great post, I agree 100% that internships in the field you're interested in and also obtaining a certificate always helps. I would also mention that, knowing someone in a company of interest definitely helps. Wether it is a recruiter, manager or associate who works on the team that you're interested in. I was able to connect with my company's co-founder and that's how I was able to land my internship here at Okta and since then have connected with multiple other professionals in my career field.

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Nikhil’s Answer

Internships are something which will open a door for our interests as it shows the initial steps to that field and there our decision comes to choose that field or not.
And we also can see Internships as a study place where we can enhance our skills. And companies also will look into this internships because it adds a maximum to our resume.

I hope this will be helpful in choosing internships.