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Career Questions tagged Highschoolsenior

Avni T.’s Avatar
Avni T. Feb 10, 2018 731 views

How can I find good internship opportunities as a high school student?

I have a Linkedin but all the internships require one to be currently pursuing a college degree but I'm still a senior in high school. I'm interested in UX Design and Computer science. computerscience user-experience user-experience-design internships highschool...


Elizabeth H.’s Avatar
Elizabeth H. Jan 21, 2018 508 views

How involved should I be in college?

I’m going to be graduating high school very soon and then entering college. I want to be able to be involved in college, but I want to know when too much is too much. highschoolsenior college...


Jocelyn G.’s Avatar
Jocelyn G. Sep 01, 2017 415 views

Are there any scholarships out there for students that are first generation and live in GA?

I'm trying to find scholarships for first year students but they all seem to be for other states besides GA. Any help?? college scholarships highschoolsenior...