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Are there any prerequisites I need to/should take for psychology at a community college? Should I find a community college with a good psychology program?

Asked Eugene, Oregon

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Linda Ann’s Answer


Hi Gabriela,

There are no prerequisites required before you take your first psychology course, which no doubt will have the course title Introduction to Psychology. If you live in an area with more than one community college, I would recommend that you visit each school and speak with the students who are enrolled in psychology courses, to learn first hand if they are enjoying their program study.

Many community colleges (in the Philadelphia region, at least) have agreements with various 4 year institutions that make transferring to a college or university when you've finished your Associate's degree easier.

Good luck with your studies!

Serge V.’s Answer

Updated Linden, New Jersey
Gabriela, I don't they you need prerequisites for a Psychology major for a community college. I was a Psychology major when I was attending for my undergrad degree and I don't recall ask for that. If you can, give call to the Psychology Department for that community college and asked them what are the requirements. Let me know how you make it out. Serge