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Posted on Feb 01, 2017

I want to be a interpreter for the deaf and or a psychologist in or around the state of Texas. I want to be able love what I do and do what love.

Context: I am interested in the two above fields due to the fact that I feel emotionally connected to the both of them. I feel like if given the opportunity I can accomplish many great things when given a chance to do these. For me to be able to do either if not both would be amazing. I want to help change the world and to do this would let me fufill that drive to carry out these careers. Both allow me to help someone. To be a Deaf Interpreter I can give someone a voice that they may not be able to use. I can help someone say something. And to be a psychologist allows me to help a person with their emotions in any type of way. I can be someone's shoulder to cry on, that ear they need to listen, that voice of reason and that thought alone helps me sleep at night. And to do that would fill me with something that not very many people get in their lifetime.
College: I would like to get into San Antonio community college because it allows me both opportunities which would be very helpful for me in the fields I want to be in. However, I am not completely sure in the university I'd want to transfer to. I'd love to go to a university that isn't too large, I'd be able to have a relationship with professors, and allows both fields to be accomplished by me. I am considering majoring in psychology for both adults and children. I am also considering Interpretation and translation of American sign language.
Other Education: N/A
Activities: I plan to volunteer at many different organizations around my community, such as the vet, local places, and internships that I may be eligible for. I also try and go to a nearby Starbucks that has an event they host every fourth Friday of the month called a 'Deaf Coffee Chat' where people of the Deaf culture or people willing to learn and appreciate it go to sit, talk and just meet new people, as much as possible. I am in the unity and FCCLA clubs at my high school and enjoyed them both. I want to study more foreign languages and cultures that I do not know at the moment being.
Job Experience: I will intern for or shadow my high school American Sign Language teacher for about and hour and a half every day for my junior and possibly senior year in high school. I will be able to see the way she works and also help students and teach sometimes. I do not have very much experience except for small cleaning jobs I have had through my family and babysitting ages 1-12 or dog sitting many different breeds of dogs.
Soft Skills: Reliable, writing, spelling, English, emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, decision-making, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, self motivation, patience, perseverance, dedication, Fast learner, and determination.
Hard Skills: American Sign Language
Other: N/A #psychology #translation #american-sign-language #interpretation

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Posted on Jan 16, 2017

I want to be a Licensed Professional Counselor with my own private practice or another joint counseling company.

Context: I'm interested in counseling as a whole but don't know where to start after getting my BA as far as a job to gain experience until I get my Masters in LPC.
College: I've been in college for 6 years now. I attended Houston Community College for four years then transferred to University of Houston for the next two years. I'm about to get my Bachelors in Psychology and minoring in LGBT studies this Spring 2017.
Other Education: I'm planning on getting my Masters at the University of Houston for my LPC.
Activities: I'm apart of an organization called Gamma Rho Lamda at school that is apart of the Greek system. I am a member.
Job Experience: I have had a lot of customer service roles in my food industry jobs. Some retail and marketing.
Soft Skills: Becoming a leader, time management, self-care.
Hard Skills: Some German speaking skills from High School, good typing speed,
Other: I have a lot of knowledge about the LGBTQIA+ community that I would love to implement in my potential therapy position. #psychology #therapy #counseling #counseling-psychology #mental-health-counseling

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