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If my strenghts are having great communication and I'm very outgoing, what types of carees or industries might best fit me?

Updated Lakeland, Florida

What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers? #careers #career #business #job #career-choice

4 answers

Sydney’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

I suggest you working with people! Maybe get a degree in communications so you could work in PR for a big company. Or you could go into business because you will have to deal with people every day working in business. Having an outgoing personality and being a good communicator will take you very far in whichever field you decide to go into. Try taking a career aptitude test to see what your interests are and how they could translate into a career field!

Bret’s Answer

Updated Livermore, California

Great communication is a strength in any industry, the important thing is to find something you are passionate about to apply this to. Sounds like customer/client facing as well since you are so outgoing. Good luck!

also, check out this google search for extroverts/good communicators


Janne’s Answer

Updated Cork

I agree, it is a great idea to do an aptitude test for you to get a deeper understanding of which careers suit your specific interests. Strengths such great communication and being outgoing will open many doors for you. A few suggestions that stand out in my mind would be in the fields of Customer Experience, Account Management, Relationship Management or something along those lines where working with people is part of your day to day work.

Linda Ann’s Answer


Hi Adrian,

I would need to know more about you as a person, before recommending some career choices. Example: your academic strengths and passions.

May I suggest the following: go see a Guidance Counselor at your school. Ask to take a vocational interest test such as the Campbell or the Strong Vocational Interest test. These instruments will point out careers that might be suitable for you given your personality interests AND your academic strengths.

I wish you the best with whatever path you choose to follow.