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Bret Dupuis

Portfolio Management
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Livermore, California
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Adrian Apr 16, 2019 754 views

If my strenghts are having great communication and I'm very outgoing, what types of carees or industries might best fit me?

What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers? #careers #career #business #job #career-choice

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Cameron May 01, 2019 461 views

What is a good school to go to to become an automotives engineer?

#engineer #mechanic #college #degree

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Apr 05, 2018 562 views

Any suggestions for paying for Vet School?

I plan to go to vet school. Everyone I have talked to say it will likely require lots of student loans. What is the best strategy for financial planning during undergraduate school?
#animallover #financial-planning #student-debt

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Cali Apr 30, 2019 831 views

What are some things that are the same about Elementary and Middle School?

#education #career #school #teacher #teaching

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jazmin Aug 19, 2018 666 views

when is the most beneficial time to sign for scholarships


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Macie Apr 01, 2019 532 views

What does investment look like in your career? (fitness and wellness coordinators)

#business #investment-management

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Alex Apr 30, 2019 412 views

What is the best University for Business & Marketing?

I live here in Redwood City #business