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Livermore, California

Within 40 mile radius
Esly’s Avatar
Esly yesterday 31 views

what is the best route to become a forensic pathologist

What is the best route in college (classes/major/involvement) to become a forensic pathologist?

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 30 views

What are some of the most common challenges people face in working Autobody Repair?

I would like to know the challenges people face in this profession.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 70 views

How long will the process be for becoming a pastor?

I would like to know more about becoming a pastor.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 67 views

Is there any room for growth when working in Security?

I would like to know if there is any advancement or opportunities in homeland security.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 62 views

Why do you want to work in Security?

I would like to know everybody's opinion when working in homeland security or as security guards.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 69 views

Is there any OSHA violations or safety concerns I should know?

I would like to work as an electrician.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 59 views

Are there any potential safety hazards with this job?

I would like to work in culinary arts and was wondering what are some potential hazards I should know about

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 80 views

Will I get paid hourly or per day ?

I would like to work in construction and be a construction manager.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 39 views

How much money do I make starting off?

I want to become an electrician.

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Nov 15 117 views

what colleges offer the best criminology program?

uc's or csu's

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Nov 11 44 views

Is high school hard?

Next year I be starting high school.

kristal’s Avatar
kristal Nov 08 45 views

cuales son los riesgos en electricians?

specifically for, anyone in the electrical field

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 08 49 views

What are the skills I need to learn as an electrician?

I want to know all the knowledge and skills regarding this question.

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Yesenia Nov 08 30 views

What was the hardest part of completing your career ?

specifically for anyone in the medical field

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Stephanie Nov 05 129 views

What do you do if you start to panic during an interview?

Hi, I have an upcoming internship interview for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. I'm very excited for this opportunity and the role that I am interviewing for (Robotics Engineer Intern — Maritime Systems), but I am very nervous and scared that I'll mess up the interview. In...

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