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Any suggestions for paying for Vet School?

Updated Florence, Alabama

I plan to go to vet school. Everyone I have talked to say it will likely require lots of student loans. What is the best strategy for financial planning during undergraduate school?
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2 answers

Kimberly’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Big expense to get through vet school but incredibly rewarding. If you are still in, you can try and get scholarships from places where you have relationships like churches, social groups, community places, through the work of family and friends, local vets etc. You can also leverage your experience to pet sit, dog walk, etc for some cash based jobs on the side. People will pay more for those to watch their pets who have some training. Lots of local services to sign up with or just leverage your neighborhood blog to network!

Bret’s Answer

Updated Livermore, California

getting a scholarship is one option if you are eligible. Here is an article suggesting other options